Cabaret Voltaire (15 albums, 1 bookmark)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Cabaret Voltaire#7885 Electropunk To TechnopopCD2014not rated1:18:05
Cabaret Voltaire'NagNagNag' 2002 Tiga&Zyntherius/Akufen Mixes;12" vinyl2002not rated
Cabaret Voltaire3 Crépuscule Tracks12" vinyl1981not rated
Cabaret VoltaireBody And Soul12" vinyl1991not rated
Cabaret VoltaireCode12" vinyl1987not rated
Cabaret VoltaireCrackdown/Just Fascination12" vinyl1983not rated
Cabaret VoltaireHypnotisedCD1989not rated17:31
Cabaret VoltaireJames Brown12" vinyl1984not rated
Cabaret VoltaireMix-UpCD1979not rated43:07
Cabaret VoltairePlasticityCD1992not rated1:15:06
Cabaret VoltaireRed MeccaCD1981not rated40:08
Cabaret VoltaireSilent Command7" vinyl1979not rated
Cabaret VoltaireTechnology: Western ReworksCD1992not rated1:14:50
Cabaret VoltaireThe CrackdownCD1983not rated1:03:57
Cabaret VoltaireThe Drain Train12" vinyl1986not rated