Die Krupps

Die Krupps - II

  • Release date: 1993
  • Genre: Industrial
  • Format: 12" vinyl
  • Category: rock
  • not rated
  • Added June 1, 2019


1. Crossfirenot rated0:00
2. Language Of Realitynot rated0:00
3. Bloodsuckersnot rated0:00
4. Fatherlandnot rated0:00
5. To The Hiltnot rated0:00
6. Iron Mannot rated0:00
7. Inside Outnot rated0:00
8. Paradise Of Sinnot rated0:00
9. Worst Case Scenarionot rated0:00
10. Shellshockednot rated0:00
11. New Temptationnot rated0:00
1. Fatherland (Remix by Andrew Eldritch of The Sisters Of Mercy & Rodney Orpheus)not rated0:00
2. Language Of Reality (Remix by Charlie Clouser with Mick Cripps)not rated0:00
3. Crossfire (Remix by Jim Martin of Faith No More)not rated0:00
4. Bloodsuckers (Remix by Evan & Billy of Biohazard)not rated0:00
5. Inside Out (Remix by Jeff Walker of Carcass)not rated0:00
6. Shellshocked (Remix by Aaron Aedy of Paradise Lost)not rated0:00
7. To The Hilt (Remix by Jocke Skog & Erlend Ottem of Clawfinger)not rated0:00
8. Iron Man (Remix by KMFDM & Chris Shephard)not rated0:00
9. Paradise Of Sin (Remix by Luc Van Acker of Revolting Cocks)not rated0:00
10. Worst Case Scenario (Remix by White Child Rix of Gunshot)not rated0:00
11. Shellshocked (Remix by F.M. Einheit of Einst├╝rzende Neubauten)not rated0:00

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