Iron Maiden
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Iron Maiden - Eddie's Archive

  • Release date: 2002
  • Genre: Metal
  • Format: CD box set
  • Category: rock
  • Duration: 6:17:49
  • not rated
  • Added January 7, 2003


Beast Over Hammersmith-Disc 1
1. Murders In the Rue Morguenot rated4:32
2. Wratchildnot rated3:30
3. Run To The Hillsnot rated4:19
4. Children Of The Damnednot rated4:38
5. The Number Of The Beastnot rated5:07
6. Another Lifenot rated3:44
7. Killersnot rated5:46
8. 22 Acacia Avenuenot rated6:55
9. Total Eclipsenot rated4:14
Beast Over Hammersmith-Disc 2
1. Transylvanianot rated5:50
2. The Prisonernot rated5:48
3. Hallowed Be Thy Namenot rated7:30
4. Phantom Of The Operanot rated6:53
5. Iron Maidennot rated4:20
6. Sanctuarynot rated4:12
7. Drifternot rated9:18
8. Running Freenot rated3:44
9. Prowlernot rated4:58
Best Of The B'Sides-Disc 1
1. Burning Ambitionnot rated2:42
2. Drifter (Live)not rated6:03
3. Invasionnot rated2:38
4. Remember Tomorrow (Live)not rated5:28
5. I've Got The Firenot rated2:39
6. Cross-Eyed Marynot rated3:55
7. A Rainbow's Goldnot rated4:59
8. King Of Twilightnot rated4:53
9. Reach Outnot rated3:32
10. That Girlnot rated5:04
11. Juanitanot rated3:47
12. The Sheriff Of Huddersfieldnot rated3:35
13. Black Bart Bluesnot rated6:40
14. Prowler '88not rated4:09
15. Charlotte The Harlot '88not rated4:12
Best Of The B'Sides-Disc 2
1. All In Your Mindnot rated4:32
2. Kill Me Ce Soirnot rated6:16
3. I'm A Movernot rated3:28
4. Communication Breakdownnot rated2:42
5. Nodding Donkey Bluesnot rated3:17
6. Space Station No. 5not rated3:47
7. I Can't See My Feelingsnot rated3:49
8. Roll Over Vic Vellanot rated4:48
9. Justice Of The Peacenot rated3:33
10. Judgement Daynot rated4:03
11. My Generationnot rated3:37
12. Doctor, Doctornot rated4:50
13. Blood On The World's Hands (Live)not rated6:06
14. The Aftermath (Live)not rated6:45
15. Futureal (Live)not rated3:00
16. Wasted Years '99 (Live)not rated5:04
BBC Archives-Disc 1
1. Iron Maiden (Friday Rock Show Session 1979)not rated3:45
2. Running Free (Friday Rock Show Session 1979)not rated3:10
3. Transylvania (Friday Rock Show Session 1979)not rated4:02
4. Sanctuary (Friday Rock Show Session 1979)not rated3:44
5. Wrathchild (Reading Festival 1982)not rated3:31
6. Run To The Hills (Reading Festival 1982)not rated5:35
7. Children Of The Damned (Reading Festival 1982)not rated4:48
8. The Number of The Beast (Reading Festival 1982)not rated5:28
9. 22 Acacia Avenue (Reading Festival 1982)not rated6:36
10. Transylvania (Reading Festival 1982)not rated6:19
11. The Prisoner (Reading Festival 1982)not rated5:49
12. Hallowed Be Thy Name (Reading Festival 1982)not rated7:36
13. Phantom Of The Opera (Reading Festival 1982)not rated7:01
14. Iron Maiden (Reading Festival 1982)not rated4:57
BBC Archives-Disc 2
1. Prowler (Reading Festival 1980)not rated4:26
2. Remember Tomorrow (Reading Festival 1980)not rated5:59
3. Killers (Reading Festival 1980)not rated4:43
4. Running Free (Reading Festival 1980)not rated3:52
5. Transylvania (Reading Festival 1980)not rated4:48
6. Iron Maiden (Reading Festival 1980)not rated4:56
7. Moonchild (Monsters Of Rock Festival Donington 1988)not rated5:43
8. Wrathchild (Monsters Of Rock Festival Donington 1988)not rated3:00
9. Infinite Dreams (Monsters Of Rock Festival Donington 1988)not rated5:51
10. The Trooper (Monsters Of Rock Festival Donington 1988)not rated4:04
11. Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son (Monsters Of Rock Festival Donington 1988)not rated10:26
12. The Number Of The Beast (Monsters Of Rock Festival Donington 1988)not rated4:42
13. Hallowed Be Thy Name (Monsters Of Rock Festival Donington 1988)not rated7:09
14. Iron Maiden (Monsters Of Rock Festival Donington 1988)not rated6:01

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