The Bermuda Triangle

Tomita - The Bermuda Triangle

  • Release date: 1978
  • Genre: Electronic
  • Format: 12" vinyl
  • Category: rock
  • not rated
  • Added February 18, 2012


1. A Space Ship Lands Emitting Silvery Lightnot rated0:00
2. Electromagnetic Waves Descendnot rated0:00
3. A World Of Different Dimensionsnot rated0:00
4. The Giant Pyramid And Its Ancient Peoplenot rated0:00
5. Venus In A Space Uniform Shining In Fluorescent Lightnot rated0:00
6. Space Children In The Underground Kingdom Called Aghartanot rated0:00
7. The Earth - A Hollow Vesselnot rated0:00
8. The Song Of Venusnot rated0:00
9. Dawn Over The Triangle And Mysterious Electric Wavesnot rated0:00
10. The Dazzling Cylinder That Crashed In Tunguska, Siberianot rated0:00
11. The Harp Of The Ancient People With Songs Of Venus And Space Childrennot rated0:00
12. The Visionary Flight To The 1448 Nebular Group Of The Bootesnot rated0:00

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