T.Rex (30 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
T.RexBBC Recordings 1970-1976MP3not rated1:52:52
T.RexBolan BoogieMP31972not rated45:29
T.RexBolan's Zip GunMP31975not rated33:43
T.RexChange: The Alternate Zinc AlloyMP31974not rated1:01:40
T.RexDandy in the UnderworldMP32002not rated47:46
T.RexDazzling Rainment - Alternate Futuristic DragonMP31976not rated59:29
T.RexElectric BoogieMP32000not rated1:18:24
T.RexElectric WarriorMP31971not rated39:31
T.RexElectric Warrior - Works In ProgressMP31971not rated29:45
T.RexFuturistic DragonMP31976not rated40:18
T.RexLeft Hand Luke: The Alternate TanxMP31973not rated52:56
T.RexLive 1974MP31974not rated36:22
T.RexLive 1977MP31977not rated1:05:49
T.RexMarc Bolan & T. Rex: 20th CentMP32002not rated39:41
T.RexPrecious Star - The Alternate Zip GunMP31996not rated1:11:03
T.RexPrince Of PlayersMP31977not rated1:06:30
T.RexRabbit Fighter: The Alternate SliderMP31972not rated51:45
T.RexT.RexMP31970not rated37:34
T.RexT.Rex (Bonus Tracks)MP31970not rated23:50
T.RexTanxMP31973not rated34:55
T.RexThe Electric Warrior SessionsMP31971not rated1:24:17
T.RexThe SliderMP31972not rated43:55
T.RexThe Very Best Of T.RexMP31991not rated1:01:13
T.RexTotal T.Rex - Live 1MP3not rated1:08:17
T.RexTotal T.Rex - Live 2MP3not rated1:09:28
T.RexTotal T.Rex - Radio Sessions 1MP31972not rated58:43
T.RexTotal T.Rex - Radio Sessions 2MP31971not rated56:07
T.RexTotal T.Rex - The DemosMP31971not rated1:10:08
T.RexUncagedMP3not rated25:18
T.RexWax Co: Singles A's & B's - CD1MP32002not rated24:22