Stevie Wonder (18 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Stevie WonderFunkified RainbowFLAC1973not rated1:28:29
Stevie Wonder'72 Soulnet concertMP31972not rated42:20
Stevie WonderA Time 2 LoveMP32005not rated1:17:40
Stevie WonderFulfillingness' First FinaleMP31974not rated42:32
Stevie WonderHotter Than JulyMP31980not rated45:51
Stevie WonderI Was Made to Love HerMP31967not rated33:00
Stevie WonderInnervisionsMP31973not rated44:04
Stevie WonderJourney Through The Secret Life of Plants (1)MP31979not rated41:46
Stevie WonderJourney Through The Secret Life of Plants (2)MP31979not rated46:29
Stevie WonderLive in New York 1973MP31973not rated1:10:20
Stevie WonderMusic of My MindMP31971not rated47:53
Stevie WonderMy Cherie AmourMP31969not rated36:18
Stevie WonderSigned Sealed and DeliveredMP31998not rated36:19
Stevie WonderSongs In The Key Of Life (2)MP31976not rated1:02:10
Stevie WonderSongs in the Key of Life (1)MP31976not rated42:44
Stevie WonderTalking BookMP31972not rated43:24
Stevie WonderUptight (Everything's Alright)MP31998not rated33:22
Stevie WonderWhere I'm Coming FromMP31971not rated37:00