Public Enemy (12 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Public EnemyApocalypse '91: the Enemy Strikes BlackMP31991not rated51:54
Public EnemyBring the Noise 2000MP32000not rated57:29
Public EnemyFear of a Black PlanetMP31990not rated1:03:08
Public EnemyGreatest MissesMP31992not rated55:37
Public EnemyHe Got GameMP31998not rated48:14
Public EnemyIt Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us BackMP31988not rated57:50
Public EnemyMuse Sick-N-Hour Mess AgeFLAC1998not rated1:12:03
Public EnemyNew Whirl OdorMP32005not rated58:56
Public EnemyPower to the People and the Beats: Public Enemy's Greatest HitsMP32005not rated1:17:56
Public EnemyRevolverlutionMP32002not rated1:14:00
Public EnemyThere's a Poison Goin' onMP31999not rated51:56
Public EnemyYo Bum Rush the ShowMP31987not rated46:37