Ornette Coleman (9 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Ornette ColemanAt The Golden Circle - Volume OneMP31965not rated1:15:39
Ornette ColemanAt The Golden Circle - Volume TwoMP31965not rated1:17:51
Ornette ColemanChange Of The CenturyMP31959not rated41:33
Ornette ColemanSound GrammarMP32006not rated59:13
Ornette ColemanThe Music Of Ornette Coleman: Something Else!!!MP31958not rated42:57
Ornette ColemanThe Shape of Jazz to ComeMP31959not rated38:11
Ornette ColemanThis Is Our MusicMP31960not rated38:51
Ornette ColemanTomorrow Is The QuestionMP31959not rated42:45
Ornette Coleman Double QuartetFree Jazz (A Collective Improvisation)MP31960not rated54:10