Matthew Friedberger (7 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Matthew Friedberger2011 - Solos #2 - Meet Me in MiramasMP32011not rated42:49
Matthew Friedberger2011 - Solos #4 - Cut it OutMP32011not rated33:29
Matthew Friedberger2011 - Solos #5 - Death-In-LifeMP32011not rated41:25
Matthew FriedbergerArrested On Charges of UnemploymentMP32012not rated34:28
Matthew FriedbergerMatricidal Sons of BitchesMP3not rated1:02:00
Matthew FriedbergerOld RegimesMP32011not rated43:50
Matthew FriedbergerSolos Bonus #1 - ArtemisiaMP32012not rated31:23