Lou Reed (46 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Lou ReedAmerican Poet (Live in Hempstead NY)MP31972not rated1:01:33
Lou ReedAnimal Serenade (Live 2CD - Disc 1)MP32004not rated1:13:17
Lou ReedAnimal Serenade (Live 2CD - Disc 2)MP32004not rated55:09
Lou ReedBerlin (2001 gold remaster)MP31973not rated49:47
Lou ReedBerlin: Live at St. Ann's Warehouse (Live)MP32008not rated1:19:40
Lou ReedBetween Thought And Expression (3CD Anthology - Disc 1)MP31992not rated1:14:30
Lou ReedBetween Thought And Expression (3CD Anthology - Disc 3)MP31992not rated1:14:25
Lou ReedBetween Thought and Expression (3CD Anthology - Disc 2)MP31992not rated1:11:27
Lou ReedBottom Line New York City (Live)MP31983not rated59:56
Lou ReedConey Island Baby (1992 expanded)MP31976not rated1:01:39
Lou ReedDifferent Times In The '70s (Col.)MP31996not rated1:13:11
Lou ReedEcstasyMP32000not rated1:17:24
Lou ReedGrowing Up in Public (2000 remaster)MP31980not rated36:47
Lou ReedHudson River Wind MeditationsMP32007not rated1:07:49
Lou ReedLegendary HeartsMP31983not rated38:22
Lou ReedLive In Concert (Live)MP31984not rated1:15:04
Lou ReedLive In Italy (Live)MP31983not rated1:15:19
Lou ReedLive Take No Prisoners (Live 2CD - Disc 1)MP31978not rated52:22
Lou ReedLive Take No Prisoners (Live 2CD - Disc 2)MP31978not rated46:26
Lou ReedLou ReedMP31972not rated38:58
Lou ReedLou Reed Live (Live)MP31975not rated38:47
Lou ReedMagic and LossMP31991not rated58:49
Lou ReedMetal Machine Music (2000 remaster)MP31975not rated1:04:19
Lou ReedMistrialMP31986not rated39:06
Lou ReedNYC Man (2CD Col. - Disc 1)MP32003not rated1:19:55
Lou ReedNYC Man (2CD Col. - Disc 2)MP32003not rated1:17:19
Lou ReedNew SensationsMP31984not rated42:41
Lou ReedNew YorkMP31989not rated57:11
Lou ReedPerfect Day (2005 Col.)MP31997not rated1:14:45
Lou ReedPerfect Night - Live In London (Live)MP31998not rated1:06:36
Lou ReedRetro (Col.)MP31989not rated1:11:32
Lou ReedRock 'N Roll Animal (Live)MP31974not rated48:18
Lou ReedRock And Roll Heart (2000 remaster)MP31976not rated37:53
Lou ReedSally Cant Dance (1983 reissue + bonus)MP31974not rated39:57
Lou ReedSet The Twilight ReelingMP31996not rated51:07
Lou ReedStreet HassleMP31978not rated36:26
Lou ReedStreets of Berlin (Bootleg)MP31972not rated57:34
Lou ReedThe Bells (2000 remaster)MP31979not rated40:33
Lou ReedThe Blue Mask (1999 remaster)MP31982not rated41:12
Lou ReedThe Raven (Disc 1)MP32003not rated51:37
Lou ReedThe Raven (Disc 2)MP32003not rated1:14:07
Lou ReedTransformer (2002 remaster & expanded)MP31972not rated46:08
Lou ReedVery Best of Lou Reed (Col.)MP31999not rated1:12:57
Lou ReedWaiting for Lou (Bootleg)MP31974not rated1:06:02
Lou ReedWalk On The Wild Side - The Best Of Lou Reed (Col.)MP31981not rated41:33
Lou ReedWild Child - Best (Col.)MP31993not rated1:15:36