Julian Cope (47 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Julian Cope20 MothersMP31995not rated1:11:39
Julian Cope5 O'Clock WorldMP31988not rated15:47
Julian CopeAn Audience With The CopeMP32000not rated56:16
Julian CopeAutogeddonMP31994not rated46:12
Julian CopeBeautiful Love E.P.MP31991not rated25:32
Julian CopeBlack SheepMP32008not rated1:07:26
Julian CopeBootleg: Glastonbury Festival 21 June 2003MP32003not rated1:12:06
Julian CopeBootleg: Live @ Lee's Palace, Toronto, 02-Nov-95MP31995not rated49:56
Julian CopeCharlotte AnneMP31988not rated9:30
Julian CopeChina DollMP31989not rated10:37
Julian CopeCitizen Cain'dMP32005not rated1:11:56
Julian CopeCompetitionMP31985not rated4:04
Julian CopeDark OrgasmMP32005not rated48:41
Julian CopeDroolianMP31990not rated32:27
Julian CopeEast Easy RiderMP31991not rated29:14
Julian CopeEve's VolcanoMP31987not rated23:46
Julian CopeFear Loves This Place E.P.MP31992not rated34:50
Julian CopeFloored Genius 2 (Best Of The BBC Sessions 1983 - 1991)MP31993not rated1:01:43
Julian CopeFloored Genius 3 (Julian Cope's Oddicon Of Lost Rarities & Versions 1978-98)MP32000not rated58:05
Julian CopeFriedMP31984not rated52:50
Julian CopeGreatness & PerfectionMP31984not rated12:50
Julian CopeHeadMP31991not rated41:37
Julian CopeI Come From Another Planet, BabyMP31996not rated47:37
Julian CopeInterpreterMP31996not rated48:21
Julian CopeJehovahkillMP31994not rated1:10:11
Julian CopeJehovahkill (New)MP32006not rated2:27:04
Julian CopeMy Nation UndergroundMP3not rated39:37
Julian CopeOdinMP31999not rated1:13:40
Julian CopeParanormal In The W. Country E.P.MP31994not rated13:11
Julian CopePeggy SuicideMP31991not rated1:15:54
Julian CopePlanetary Sit-InMP31996not rated27:03
Julian CopePropheteeringMP31997not rated5:45
Julian CopePsychedelic RevolutionMP32012not rated1:01:05
Julian CopeRite 2MP31997not rated55:21
Julian CopeRite NowMP32002not rated1:12:33
Julian CopeSaint JulianMP31987not rated42:09
Julian CopeSunshine PlayroomMP31983not rated11:04
Julian CopeSunspotsMP31985not rated15:52
Julian CopeThe Followers Of Saint JulianMP31997not rated1:02:49
Julian CopeThe Jehovahcoat DemosMP32011not rated1:05:48
Julian CopeThe Unruly ImaginationMP32009not rated50:28
Julian CopeTrampoleneMP31987not rated18:53
Julian CopeTry Try Try E.P.MP31995not rated11:49
Julian CopeWorld Shut Your MouthMP31984not rated40:12
Julian CopeWorld Shut Your Mouth EPMP31986not rated25:06
Julian CopeYe Skellington ChroniclesMP3not rated1:01:25
Julian CopeYou Gotta Problem with MeMP32007not rated56:35