Funkadelic (14 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
FunkadelicAmerica Eats Its YoungMP31972not rated1:13:41
FunkadelicBy Way Of The DrumMP32007not rated42:34
FunkadelicCosmic SlopMP3not rated39:18
FunkadelicFree Your Mind...And Your Ass Will FollowMP31971not rated41:50
FunkadelicFunkadelic Live: Live at Meadowbrook, Rochester, Michigan 12/9/71MP31971not rated1:17:08
FunkadelicFunkadelic: RemasteredMP31970not rated1:15:08
FunkadelicHardcore JolliesMP31976not rated39:57
FunkadelicLet's Take It to the StageMP3not rated40:59
FunkadelicMaggot BrainMP31971not rated53:47
FunkadelicOne Nation Under a GrooveMP31978not rated58:38
FunkadelicStanding on the Verge of Getting It OnMP3not rated44:23
FunkadelicTales of Kidd FunkadelicMP3not rated44:02
FunkadelicThe Electric Spanking of War BabiesMP31981not rated48:32
FunkadelicUncle Jam Wants YouMP31979not rated41:36