Elvis Presley (66 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Elvis PresleyA Big Hunk Of LoveMP32000not rated30:42
Elvis PresleyA Date With ElvisMP32000not rated32:43
Elvis PresleyAloha from Hawaii Via SatelliteMP31992not rated1:02:05
Elvis PresleyBack in MemphisMP32000not rated31:46
Elvis PresleyBlue HawaiiMP31960not rated32:33
Elvis PresleyChristmas ClassicsMP32000not rated21:36
Elvis PresleyCommand Performances: The Essential 60's Masters IIMP31995not rated2:29:11
Elvis PresleyDouble Features: Kid Galahad/GMP31962not rated47:49
Elvis PresleyEasy Come Easy Go/SpeedwayMP32000not rated45:40
Elvis PresleyElvisMP3not rated56:08
Elvis PresleyElvis CountryMP32000not rated38:36
Elvis PresleyElvis For EveryoneMP32000not rated24:00
Elvis PresleyElvis Is Back!MP31960not rated32:13
Elvis PresleyElvis NowMP32000not rated32:33
Elvis PresleyElvis PresleyMP31956not rated28:29
Elvis PresleyElvis TodayMP32000not rated34:10
Elvis PresleyElvis as Recorded at Madison Square GardenMP32000not rated52:43
Elvis PresleyElvis in PersonMP32000not rated36:27
Elvis PresleyElvis' Christmas AlbumMP31957not rated30:44
Elvis PresleyElvis' Double FeaturesMP32000not rated48:22
Elvis PresleyElvis' Golden RecordsMP31994not rated33:37
Elvis PresleyElvis' Golden Records Vol.3MP31961not rated29:37
Elvis PresleyElvis, Original Soundtrack NbcMP32000not rated1:03:03
Elvis PresleyFlaming Star/Wild in the Country/Follow That DreamMP32000not rated3:40
Elvis PresleyFlaming Star/Wild in the Country/Follow That DreamMP32000not rated34:45
Elvis PresleyFor Lp Fans OnlyMP31956not rated33:22
Elvis PresleyFrankie and Johnny/Paradise Hawaiian StyleMP32000not rated48:58
Elvis PresleyFrom Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, TennesseeMP32000not rated35:11
Elvis PresleyFrom Elvis in MemphisMP32000not rated36:48
Elvis PresleyFrom Nashville To Memphis: The Essential 60's MastersMP31993not rated5:48:43
Elvis PresleyG.I. BluesMP32000not rated28:22
Elvis PresleyGold Records Volume 4MP32000not rated29:57
Elvis PresleyGood TimesMP31994not rated29:58
Elvis PresleyHarum Scarum/Girl HappyMP32000not rated46:29
Elvis PresleyHaving Fun On Stage With ElvisMP31974not rated37:35
Elvis PresleyHe Touched MeMP32000not rated30:44
Elvis PresleyHis Hand in MineMP31960not rated38:21
Elvis PresleyHow Great Thou ArtMP3not rated34:45
Elvis PresleyIt Happened at the World's Fair/Fun in AcapulcoMP32000not rated49:05
Elvis PresleyKing CreoleMP31958not rated21:46
Elvis PresleyKissin' Cousins & ClambakeMP32000not rated51:45
Elvis PresleyLove Letters From ElvisMP32000not rated33:09
Elvis PresleyLoving YouMP31957not rated26:43
Elvis PresleyMoody BlueMP32000not rated31:32
Elvis PresleyOn Stage - Feb. 1970MP32000not rated31:57
Elvis PresleyPlatinum A Life In Music (CD3)MP31997not rated1:03:44
Elvis PresleyPlatinum A Life In Music (CD4)MP31997not rated1:15:02
Elvis PresleyPot Luck With ElvisMP32000not rated28:44
Elvis PresleyPromised LandMP32000not rated28:40
Elvis PresleyRaised on Rock/For Ol' Times SakeMP32000not rated27:42
Elvis PresleySomething For EverybodyMP31961not rated26:52
Elvis PresleySpinout/Double Trouble: Double Feature/Original SoundtracksMP32000not rated35:43
Elvis PresleyThat's The Way It Is (The Rehearsal)MP31970not rated1:12:11
Elvis PresleyThat's The Way It Is (Original)MP32000not rated46:31
Elvis PresleyThat's The Way It Is (Special Edition)MP31970not rated1:05:13
Elvis PresleyThe Complete 50's Masters (Disc 1)MP31992not rated1:11:23
Elvis PresleyThe Complete 50's Masters (Disc 2)MP31992not rated1:11:04
Elvis PresleyThe Complete 50's Masters (Disc 3)MP31992not rated1:11:50
Elvis PresleyThe Complete 50's Masters (Disc 4)MP31992not rated1:02:38
Elvis PresleyThe Complete 50s Masters (Disc 5)MP31992not rated1:01:34
Elvis PresleyThe Wonderful World Of ChristmasMP32000not rated35:16
Elvis PresleyUltimate GospelMP32004not rated1:03:02
Elvis PresleyViva Las Vegas - Disc1MP32007not rated1:03:40
Elvis PresleyViva Las Vegas - Disc2MP32007not rated1:08:16
Elvis PresleyViva Las Vegas/Roustabout: Double Feature/Original SoundtracksMP32000not rated50:58
Elvis PresleyWalk a Mile in My Shoes: The Essential 70's MastersMP31995not rated6:11:11