Curtis Mayfield (24 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Curtis MayfieldBack To The WorldMP32004not rated36:02
Curtis MayfieldCurtisMP31970not rated40:27
Curtis MayfieldCurtis - Live!MP32004not rated1:08:00
Curtis MayfieldCurtis In ChicagoMP31973not rated33:16
Curtis MayfieldDo it All NightMP32004not rated35:33
Curtis MayfieldGive Get Take HaveMP31992not rated33:07
Curtis MayfieldGot to Find a WayMP32004not rated33:49
Curtis MayfieldHeartbeatMP32004not rated45:08
Curtis MayfieldHonestyMP32004not rated34:00
Curtis MayfieldLive At Ronnie Scott'sMP32004not rated1:03:03
Curtis MayfieldLive In EuropeMP31988not rated1:02:15
Curtis MayfieldLoveMP31978not rated44:44
Curtis MayfieldLove Is The PlaceMP32004not rated36:34
Curtis MayfieldNever Say You Can't SurviveMP32004not rated34:04
Curtis MayfieldNew World OrderMP32004not rated1:03:13
Curtis MayfieldRootsMP32004not rated38:56
Curtis MayfieldShort EyesMP32004not rated35:47
Curtis MayfieldSomething to Believe InMP32004not rated36:19
Curtis MayfieldSuperFlyMP32004not rated37:04
Curtis MayfieldSweet ExorcistMP32004not rated32:19
Curtis MayfieldTake It to the StreetMP32004not rated39:51
Curtis MayfieldThere's No Place Like AmericaMP32004not rated35:34
Curtis MayfieldWe Come In Peace With A Message of LoveMP32004not rated38:23
Linda Clifford & Curtis MayfieldThe Right CombinationMP32004not rated1:17:02