Chet Baker (88 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Chet BakerAlmost BlueMP32000not rated1:06:14
Chet BakerAt the Forum TheatreMP31956not rated41:20
Chet BakerBaby BreezeMP31965not rated38:04
Chet BakerBaker's HolidayMP31965not rated32:13
Chet BakerBlues for a ReasonMP31984not rated58:09
Chet BakerBoppin'MP31965not rated40:08
Chet BakerBostonMP31954not rated57:41
Chet BakerBroken WingMP31978not rated1:01:33
Chet BakerBurnin' at BackstreetMP31980not rated1:17:46
Chet BakerBut Not for Me [With Charlie Haden]MP31982not rated40:59
Chet BakerCandyMP31985not rated55:34
Chet BakerChetMP31959not rated51:05
Chet BakerChet Baker & CrewMP31956not rated1:03:37
Chet BakerChet Baker & Steve HoubenMP31980not rated33:41
Chet BakerChet Baker - Chet in Paris, vol. 4 - Alternate TakesMP31955not rated1:03:01
Chet BakerChet Baker - Live in Chateauvallon 1978MP32006not rated1:09:39
Chet BakerChet Baker - Philip Catherine - Jean-Louis RassinfosseMP31988not rated43:31
Chet BakerChet Baker Cools OutMP31956not rated29:43
Chet BakerChet Baker Quartet with Russ FreemanMP31953not rated1:11:29
Chet BakerChet Baker SextetMP32004not rated48:26
Chet BakerChet Baker Sings, Plays: Live at the Keystone KornerMP31978not rated41:23
Chet BakerChet Baker Sings, Plays: Live at the Keystone KornerMP31978not rated10:00
Chet BakerChet Baker in New YorkMP31958not rated51:35
Chet BakerChet in Paris vol 3MP31955not rated49:30
Chet BakerChet in Paris, vol. 1: Featuring Dick TwardzikMP31955not rated52:10
Chet BakerChet is BackMP31962not rated54:52
Chet BakerComplete Performances with Mies DavisMP3not rated1:17:07
Chet BakerCool CatMP31986not rated43:06
Chet BakerDaybreakMP31979not rated47:58
Chet BakerDeep in a Dream - The Ultimate Chet Baker CollectionMP32002not rated1:10:36
Chet BakerDianeMP31985not rated51:35
Chet BakerEmbraceable YouMP31957not rated39:10
Chet BakerEstival Jazz, Live in Lugano, Switzerland '80MP31980not rated48:26
Chet BakerGrey DecemberMP31953not rated53:48
Chet BakerI Remeber YouMP3not rated1:00:23
Chet BakerIn Tokyo - June 14, 1987MP31987not rated1:55:31
Chet BakerIt Could Happen to YouMP31958not rated43:23
Chet BakerJazz Masters [EMI]MP31997not rated32:53
Chet BakerJazz in Paris: Plays StandardsMP31956not rated43:11
Chet BakerLeavingMP31980not rated41:47
Chet BakerLet's Get LostMP31989not rated1:03:14
Chet BakerLive at Gaetano'sMP3not rated1:00:56
Chet BakerLive at the Salt Peanuts Club - I Remember YouMP31981not rated40:44
Chet BakerLive from the MoonlightMP31985not rated1:32:24
Chet BakerLive in BolognaMP31996not rated44:52
Chet BakerLive in Rosenheim, Chet Baker's Last Recording As QuartetMP31988not rated1:13:19
Chet BakerLive in Sweden with Åke Johanssons TrioMP31989not rated1:13:03
Chet BakerLive in the Subway Club - DownMP31980not rated36:57
Chet BakerLive in the Subway Club - In Your Own Sweet WayMP31980not rated59:35
Chet BakerLive in the Subway Club - Just FriendsMP31980not rated1:02:13
Chet BakerMister BMP31983not rated46:27
Chet BakerMosaic Live Chet Baker (3 Disc)MP3not rated40:02
Chet BakerMy Favorite Songs - The Last Great ConcertMP3not rated49:23
Chet BakerMy Funny Valentine - Live at Salt Peanuts ClubMP31981not rated44:32
Chet BakerNight Birds & Broken WingsMP3not rated1:13:22
Chet BakerNightbird [Us-Import]MP32003not rated59:14
Chet BakerOh You Crazy MoonMP32003not rated1:04:13
Chet BakerOnce Upon a SummertimeMP31977not rated40:49
Chet BakerOut of NowhereMP31982not rated49:58
Chet BakerPeaceMP31982not rated41:37
Chet BakerQuartet Russ Freeman Chet BakerMP31956not rated41:32
Chet BakerRiverside ProfilesMP32006not rated1:43:02
Chet BakerRound MidnightMP31998not rated48:55
Chet BakerRound Midnight - Live at Salt Peanuts ClubMP31981not rated46:38
Chet BakerSeptember SongMP31983not rated47:02
Chet BakerShe Was Too Good to MeMP31974not rated40:51
Chet BakerSmokin'MP31965not rated33:08
Chet BakerSomeday My Prince Will ComeMP31983not rated54:30
Chet BakerStairway to the StarsMP31965not rated1:06:29
Chet BakerStar EyesMP31983not rated45:00
Chet BakerStrollin'MP31985not rated51:57
Chet BakerThe Art of the BalladMP31998not rated1:07:28
Chet BakerThe Best of Chet Baker SingsMP31989not rated1:05:33
Chet BakerThe Italian SessionsMP31962not rated55:16
Chet BakerThe Legacy, vol. 1MP31995not rated53:00
Chet BakerThe Most Important Jazz Album of 1964/1965MP31964not rated43:24
Chet BakerThere'll Never Be Another YouMP31985not rated58:50
Chet BakerThis Is AlwaysMP3not rated49:00
Chet BakerToo Cool - The Chet Baker StoryMP3not rated2:13:37
Chet BakerTwo a DayMP31978not rated35:56
Chet BakerWelcome BackMP31987not rated48:20
Chet BakerWhite BluesMP31996not rated1:10:36
Chet BakerWhy Shouldn't You CryMP31999not rated56:48
Chet BakerYou Can't Go Home AgainMP31977not rated41:45
Chet BakerYoung ChetMP31995not rated44:52
Chet Baker QuartetNo ProblemMP31989not rated51:26
Chet Baker QuartetThis Time the Dream's On Me: Live Volume 1MP31954not rated1:09:39
Chet Baker TrioThe Touch of Your LipsMP31979not rated47:40