Bob Marley (15 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Bob MarleyAfrican HerbsmanMP31970not rated41:00
Bob MarleyBabylon By BusMP31978not rated1:13:55
Bob MarleyBest Of The WailersMP31972not rated36:31
Bob MarleyBurnin'MP31973not rated38:18
Bob MarleyCatch a FireMP31973not rated36:07
Bob MarleyConfrontationMP31983not rated37:45
Bob MarleyExodusMP31977not rated37:17
Bob MarleyKayaMP31978not rated36:46
Bob MarleyKeep On SkankingMP31967not rated31:24
Bob MarleyNatty DreadMP31974not rated38:52
Bob MarleyRastaman VibrationMP31976not rated35:15
Bob MarleyRock To The RockMP31973not rated48:33
Bob MarleySatisfy My SoulMP31972not rated1:08:42
Bob MarleySurvivalMP31979not rated37:58
Bob MarleyUprisingMP31980not rated36:15