John Lennon

John Lennon - Anthology

  • Release date: 1998
  • Genre: Classic Rock
  • Format: MP3
  • Duration: 4:27:30
  • not rated
  • Added June 27, 2015


1. Working Class Heronot rated4:21
2. Godnot rated3:33
3. I Found Outnot rated3:49
4. Hold Onnot rated0:44
5. Isolationnot rated3:47
6. Lovenot rated2:45
7. Mothernot rated3:50
8. Remembernot rated2:46
9. Imaginenot rated3:24
10. "Fortunately"not rated0:20
11. Baby Please Don't Gonot rated4:05
12. Oh My Lovenot rated2:56
13. Jealous Guynot rated4:12
14. Maggie Maenot rated0:54
15. How Do You Sleepnot rated5:22
16. God Save Oznot rated3:28
17. Do The Oznot rated3:11
18. I Donít Want To Be A Soldiernot rated5:20
19. Give Peace A Chancenot rated1:54
20. Look At Menot rated2:52
21. Long Lost Johnnot rated2:15
22. New York Citynot rated0:56
23. Attica State (live)not rated4:28
24. Imagine (live)not rated3:09
25. Bring On The Lucienot rated4:08
26. Woman Is The Nigger of The Worldnot rated0:39
27. Geraldo Rivera - One to One Concertnot rated0:40
28. Woman Is The Nigger of The World (live)not rated5:15
29. It's So Hard (live)not rated3:10
30. Come Together (live)not rated4:21
31. Happy Xmasnot rated3:32
32. Luck of the Irish (live)not rated3:41
33. John Sinclair (live)not rated3:43
34. The David Frost Shownot rated0:54
35. Mind Games (I Promise)not rated1:03
36. Mind Games (Make Love, Not War)not rated1:15
37. One Day At A Timenot rated3:15
38. I Knownot rated3:13
39. I'm The Greatestnot rated3:37
40. Goodnight Viennanot rated2:45
41. Jerry Lewis Telethonnot rated2:01
42. "A Kiss Is Just A Kiss"not rated0:12
43. Real Lovenot rated4:14
44. You Are Herenot rated4:56
45. What You Gotnot rated1:16
46. Nobody Loves You When You're Down And Outnot rated5:39
47. Whatever Gets You Through the Night (home)not rated0:39
48. Whatever Gets You Through the Night (studio)not rated3:34
49. Yesterday (parody)not rated0:34
50. Be Bop A Lulanot rated2:54
51. Rip It Up/Ready Teddynot rated2:32
52. Scarednot rated5:04
53. Steel And Glassnot rated4:48
54. Surprise, Surprise (Sweet Bird of Paradox)not rated2:59
55. Bless Younot rated4:15
56. Going Down On Lovenot rated0:54
57. Move Over Ms. Lnot rated3:10
58. Ainít She Sweetnot rated0:28
59. Slippiní And Slidin'not rated2:28
60. Peggy Suenot rated1:19
61. Bring It On Home To Me/ Send Me Some Lovin'not rated3:52
62. Phil and John 1not rated2:15
63. Phil and John 2not rated2:01
64. Phil and John 3not rated0:55
65. "When In Doubt, Fuck It"not rated0:10
66. Be My Babynot rated4:33
67. Stranger's Roomnot rated3:19
68. Old Dirt Roadnot rated3:54
69. I'm Losing Younot rated4:07
70. Seans "Little Help"not rated0:59
71. Serve Yourselfnot rated3:49
72. My Lifenot rated2:37
73. Nobody Told Menot rated3:33
74. Life Begins At 40not rated2:24
75. I Don't Wanna Face Itnot rated3:33
76. Womannot rated4:03
77. Dear Yokonot rated2:35
78. Watching the Wheelsnot rated3:05
79. I'm Stepping Outnot rated4:19
80. Borrowed Timenot rated3:59
81. The Rishi Kesh Songnot rated2:28
82. Sean's "Loud"not rated0:35
83. Beautiful Boynot rated4:13
84. Mr. Hyde's Gone (Don't Be Afraid)not rated2:43
85. Only Younot rated3:25
86. Grow Old With Menot rated3:20
87. Dear Johnnot rated2:20
88. The Great Woknot rated3:14
89. Mucho Mungonot rated1:26
90. Satire 1not rated2:22
91. Satire 2not rated4:36
92. Satire 3not rated0:47
93. Sean's "In The Sky"not rated1:25
94. It's Realnot rated1:06

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