Various artists
The Philly Sound (Disc 1)

Various artists - The Philly Sound (Disc 1)

  • Genre: Soul/Smooth Soul
  • Format: MP3
  • Duration: 1:09:50
  • not rated
  • Added June 27, 2015


1. The Soul Survivors, Kenny Gamble/Leon Huff - Expressway To Your Heartnot rated2:19
2. Intruders, Kenny Gamble/Leon Huff - Cowboys To Girlsnot rated2:37
3. Archie Bell & The Drells, Kenny Gamble/Leon Huff - I Can't Stop Dancingnot rated2:19
4. Jerry Butler, Kenny Gamble/Leon Huff - Only The Strong Survivenot rated2:35
5. The O'jays, Kenny Gamble/Leon Huff - One Night Affairnot rated2:18
6. Intruders, Kenny Gamble/Leon Huff - (We'll Be) Unitednot rated2:51
7. Dusty Springfield, Kenny Gamble/Leon Huff - Silly, Silly Foolnot rated2:30
8. Wilson Pickett, Jerry Akines/Johnny Bellman/Reginald Turner/Victor Drayton - Don't Let The Green Grass Fool Younot rated2:47
9. Johnny Williams, Kenny Gamble/Leon Huff - Slow Motion (Part 1)not rated2:57
10. Billy Paul, Cary Gilbert/Kenny Gamble/Leon Huff - Me And Mrs. Jonesnot rated4:45
11. Bunny Sigler, Bunny Sigler/Phil Hurtt - Reginanot rated3:09
12. Laura Nyro & LaBelle, A. Gaye/Elgie Stover/Iris Gordy/Marvin Gaye - The Bellsnot rated2:55
13. Joe Simon, Kenny Gamble/Leon Huff - Drowning In The Sea Of Lovenot rated3:20
14. Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes, Kenny Gamble/Leon Huff - If You Don't Know Me By Nownot rated3:25
15. The O'jays, Kenny Gamble/Leon Huff - 992 Argumentsnot rated6:06
16. The Ebonys, Kenny Gamble/Leon Huff - You're The Reason Whynot rated3:03
17. Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes, Kenny Gamble/Leon Huff - I Miss Younot rated8:37
18. The O'jays, Bunny Sigler/Kenny Gamble/Phil Hurtt - When The World's At Peacenot rated5:18
19. Bunny Sigler, Bunny Sigler - That's How Long I'll Be Loving Younot rated2:53
20. The O'jays, Gene McFadden/John Whitehead/Leon Huff - Back Stabbersnot rated3:06

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