Louis Armstrong
The Legendary Satchmo

Louis Armstrong - The Legendary Satchmo

  • Release date: 2001
  • Genre: Jazz/Swing
  • Format: MP3
  • Duration: 2:31:47
  • not rated
  • Added June 27, 2015


1. Before Longnot rated2:51
2. Lovely Weather Were Havingnot rated3:17
3. Song Was Bornnot rated4:13
4. Fifty Fifty Bluesnot rated2:56
5. Jack Armstrong Bluesnot rated2:59
6. Rockin' Chairnot rated3:05
7. Some Daynot rated3:11
8. I Believenot rated2:59
9. It Takes Timenot rated2:37
10. I Wonder I Wonder I Wondernot rated2:32
11. Why Doubt My Lovenot rated3:20
12. Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleansnot rated3:00
13. Endienot rated2:49
14. Mahogany Hall Stompnot rated2:55
15. Blues For Yesterdaynot rated2:36
16. Blues In The Southnot rated3:04
17. I Want A Little Girlnot rated3:02
18. Back O' Town Bluesnot rated3:16
19. Joseph 'n' His Bruddersnot rated3:01
20. Linger In Your Arms A Little Longernot rated2:58
21. Where The Blues Were Born In New Orleansnot rated3:09
22. No Variety Bluesnot rated2:54
23. Whatta Ya Gonna Donot rated2:55
24. Long Long Journeynot rated4:18
25. Snafunot rated4:12
26. Coquettenot rated2:38
27. You Rascal Younot rated3:01
28. I Cover The Waterfrontnot rated3:15
29. Cut Off My Legs And Call Me Shortynot rated2:33
30. Wolverine Bluesnot rated3:18
31. Bye And Byenot rated2:34
32. Baby Won't You Please Come Homenot rated3:19
33. Our Monday Datenot rated2:29
34. Hear Me Talkin' To Yanot rated3:07
35. Save It Pretty Mamanot rated2:59
36. Lazybonesnot rated3:16
37. Jesus Creepersnot rated2:41
38. What Is This Thing Called Swingnot rated3:07
39. Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seennot rated3:11
40. Ain't Misbehavin'not rated2:58
41. I Can't Give You Anything But Lovenot rated2:57
42. I've Got A Pocketful Of Dreamsnot rated2:56
43. Naturallynot rated2:49
44. Jonah And The Whalenot rated2:46
45. I Never Knewnot rated2:47
46. Long Long Agonot rated2:54
47. Coal Cart Bluesnot rated2:57
48. Down In Honky Tonk Townnot rated3:08
49. Perdido Street Bluesnot rated3:05
50. 2.19 Bluesnot rated2:53

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