Marc Bolan, Tyrannosaurus Rex
Unicorn: Extras

Tyrannosaurus Rex - Unicorn: Extras

  • Release date: 1969
  • Genre: Rock/Folk-Rock
  • Format: MP3
  • Duration: 33:26
  • not rated
  • Added June 27, 2015


1. Pewter Suitor (Single 'A' Side)not rated3:11
2. King Of The Rumbling Spires (Single 'A' Side)not rated2:09
3. Do You Remember (Single 'B' Side)not rated2:17
4. 'Pon A Hill (Take 1)not rated1:16
5. The Seal Of Seasons (Take 1)not rated1:42
6. The Throat Of Winter (Take 1)not rated1:47
7. She Was Born To Be My Unicorn (Take 1)not rated2:39
8. Warlock Of The Royal Crocodiles (Take 1)not rated2:12
9. Evenings Of Demask (Take 5)not rated2:17
10. Iscariot (Take 3)not rated1:59
11. The Misty Coast Of Albany (Take 1)not rated1:42
12. Romany Soup (Take 2)not rated2:16
13. Pewter Suitor (Take 1)not rated3:17
14. King Of The Rumbling Spires (Take 7)not rated2:26
15. Do You Remember (Take 3)not rated2:16

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