The Jackson 5
Soulsation: 25th Anniversary

The Jackson 5 - Soulsation: 25th Anniversary

  • Release date: 1995
  • Genre: Soul/Motown
  • Format: MP3
  • Duration: 3:33:21
  • not rated
  • Added June 27, 2015


1. I Want You Backnot rated2:57
2. Who's Lovin' Younot rated3:58
3. You've Changednot rated3:10
4. Standnot rated2:31
5. Can You Remembernot rated3:04
6. ABCnot rated2:56
7. Love You Savenot rated3:01
8. I Found That Girlnot rated3:09
9. La La (Means I Love You)not rated3:27
10. I'll Bet Younot rated3:15
11. I'm The One You Need (Come Round Here)not rated2:41
12. Young Folksnot rated2:51
13. I'll Be Therenot rated3:54
14. Goin' Back To Indiananot rated3:30
15. Can I See You In The Morningnot rated3:09
16. Mama's Pearlnot rated3:10
17. Reach Innot rated3:28
18. Christmas Won't Be The Same This Yearnot rated2:27
19. Santa Claus Is Coming To Townnot rated2:22
20. Never Can Say Goodbyenot rated2:57
21. Maybe Tomorrownot rated4:43
22. She's Goodnot rated3:04
23. Got To Be Therenot rated3:20
24. People Make The World Go 'Roundnot rated3:12
25. Teenage Symphonynot rated2:42
26. Sugar Daddynot rated2:29
27. Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thingnot rated2:26
28. Lookin' Through The Windowsnot rated3:36
29. Doctor My Eyesnot rated3:10
30. Little Bitty Pretty Onenot rated2:47
31. If I Have To Move A Mountainnot rated3:14
32. Rockin' Robinnot rated2:31
33. I Wanna Be Where You Arenot rated2:55
34. Bennot rated2:43
35. Skywriternot rated3:08
36. You Made Me What I Amnot rated2:56
37. Hallelujah Daynot rated2:47
38. Touchnot rated2:59
39. Corner Of The Skynot rated3:36
40. Boogie Mannot rated2:55
41. Get It Togethernot rated2:48
42. Dancing Machinenot rated2:35
43. It's Too Late To Change The Timenot rated3:58
44. Whatever You Got I Wantnot rated2:53
45. Life Of The Partynot rated2:33
46. I Am Lovenot rated7:27
47. If I Don't Love You This Waynot rated3:25
48. Mama I Got A Brand New Thing (Don't Say No)not rated7:11
49. Forever Came Todaynot rated6:22
50. Body Language (Do The Love Dance)not rated4:07
51. All I Do Is Think Of Younot rated3:09
52. It's A Moving Violationnot rated3:34
53. Especially For Me (You Were Made)not rated3:26
54. Honey Lovenot rated4:37
55. That's How Love Goesnot rated3:26
56. Daddy's Homenot rated3:04
57. Just A Little Bit Of Younot rated3:11
58. Love Is The Thing You Neednot rated3:03
59. Eternal Lightnot rated3:12
60. Pride And Joynot rated2:42
61. You're My Best Friend My Lovenot rated3:23
62. Joyful Jukebox Musicnot rated3:13
63. Love Don't Want To Leavenot rated3:05
64. Can't Get Ready For Losing Younot rated3:47

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