J.J. Barnes
The Detroit Years

J.J. Barnes - The Detroit Years

  • Release date: 2007
  • Genre: Soul/Deep Soul
  • Format: MP3
  • Duration: 1:18:39
  • not rated
  • Added June 27, 2015


1. Please Let Me Innot rated2:37
2. I Think I Found A Lovenot rated2:50
3. Real Humdingernot rated2:36
4. I Aint Gonna Do Itnot rated2:47
5. Day Trippernot rated2:44
6. Don't Bring Me Bad Newsnot rated2:50
7. I' ll Love You Forever (The Holidays)not rated2:20
8. Please Let Me Innot rated2:37
9. Makin' Up Time (The Holidays)not rated2:27
10. Say itnot rated2:17
11. Deeper In Love (Inst)not rated2:31
12. Sweet Cherrynot rated2:36
13. Baby Please Come Back Homenot rated2:56
14. Chains Of Lovenot rated2:27
15. Now That I Got You Backnot rated2:32
16. Forgive Menot rated3:07
17. I 've Lost You (The Holidays)not rated2:40
18. Now She's Gonenot rated2:09
19. Hold On To Itnot rated2:32
20. Sad Day a' Comingnot rated2:36
21. The Going's Onnot rated2:26
22. Our Love Is In The Pocketnot rated2:44
23. All Your Goodies Are Gone (Inst)not rated2:36
24. I Think I Found A Lovenot rated2:52
25. So Called Friendsnot rated2:31
26. Now She's Gone (Le Baron Strings)not rated2:12
27. (Tell Me) Ain't It the Truthnot rated2:50
28. Every Time I See You I Go Wildnot rated2:56
29. Hole In The Wallnot rated2:55
30. The Harder You Lovenot rated2:26

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