The Mountain Goats

The Mountain Goats - Sweden

  • Release date: 2000
  • Genre: Folk/Modern Folk
  • Format: MP3
  • Duration: 45:20
  • not rated
  • Added June 27, 2015


1. John Darnielle - The Recognition Scene [We Were Going Home Before a Rain.]not rated2:50
2. John Darnielle - Downtown Seoul [He Is Younger Than Me.]not rated2:53
3. John Darnielle - Some Swedish Trees [Those Who Escaped Were Innocent.]not rated2:05
4. John Darnielle - I Wonder Where Our Love Has Gone [No Green Leaves.]not rated2:35
5. John Darnielle - Deianara Crush [Aren't You My Friend?]not rated1:53
6. John Darnielle - Whole World Wide [ Even Though He'd Changed So Much, I Recognized Him Immediately.]not rated2:13
7. John Darnielle - Flashing Lights [The Coldest Winter.]not rated2:30
8. John Darnielle - Sept 19 Triple X Love! Love! [We Do What We Can.]not rated2:24
9. John Darnielle - Going to Queens [We Didn't Know What Would Happen.]not rated2:26
10. John Darnielle - Tahitianambrosia Maker [He's Recognized You.]not rated1:47
11. John Darnielle - Going to Bolivia [The House Was Beautifully Situated, Which Made Me Very Happy.]not rated1:38
12. John Darnielle - Tollund Man [He Was Apparently Sleeping.]not rated2:34
13. John Darnielle - California Song [The Girl Whose Friend He Was Said Goodbye.]not rated1:55
14. John Darnielle - Snow Crush Killing Song [The House Was Burned Down By the Young Man.]not rated2:46
15. John Darnielle - Send Me an Angel [He Is As Tired As I Am.]not rated1:47
16. John Darnielle - Neon Orange Glimmer Song [We'll Meet On the Street Tomorrow.]not rated3:08
17. Steely Dan - FM [A White Dress.]not rated1:45
18. John Darnielle - Prana Ferox [They Did It Themselves.]not rated4:05
19. John Darnielle - Cold Milk Bottle [I'm Speaking Tonight.]not rated2:06

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