Various artists
Hittin' on All Six: A History of the Jazz Guitar [disc 1: The Early Masters]

Various artists - Hittin' on All Six: A History of the Jazz Guitar [disc 1: The Early Masters]

  • Release date: 2000
  • Genre: Jazz/Guitar Jazz
  • Format: MP3
  • Duration: 1:16:55
  • not rated
  • Added June 27, 2015


1. Lonnie Johnson - Steppin' on the Blues [1927]not rated2:55
2. Eddie Lang (& Joe Venuti) - Wild Cat [1927]not rated2:58
3. Eddie Lang (& Bix Beiderbecke & Frankie Trumbauer) - For No Reason at All in C [1927]not rated3:04
4. Eddie Lang (& Joe Venuti) - Doin' Things [1927]not rated2:52
5. Lonnie Johnson (with Louis Armstrong's Hot Five) - Savoy Blues [1927]not rated3:30
6. Lonnie Johnson (with Duke Ellington & HO) - The Mooche [1928]not rated3:14
7. Lonnie Johnson & Eddie Lang - Have to Change Keys (to Play These Blues) [1928]not rated3:03
8. Lonnie Johnson & Eddie Lang - Guitar Blues [1929]not rated3:15
9. Teddy Bunn (with the Spirits of Rhythm) - I've Got the World on a String [1933]not rated3:31
10. Teddy Bunn (with the Spirits of Rhythm) - I'll Be Ready When the Great Day Comes [1933]not rated3:06
11. Teddy Bunn (with the Sidney Bechet Quintet) - Summertime [1939]not rated4:07
12. Teddy Bunn - Blues Without Words [1940]not rated3:07
13. John Trueheart (wth Chick Webb & HO) - Lonesome Moments [1934]not rated2:48
14. George Van Eps (with Adrian Rollini & HO) - Somebody Loves Me [1934]not rated2:30
15. George Van Eps (with Manny Klein's All Stars) - At Sundown [1946]not rated3:15
16. Dick McDonough - Dick Bernstein Ramble [1934]not rated2:40
17. Carl Kress & Dick McDonough - Heat Wave [1937]not rated2:22
18. Carmen Mastren (with the Delta Four) - Swingin' at That Famous Door [1935]not rated3:03
19. Carmen Mastren (with the Bechet-Spanier Big Four) - If I Could Be With You [1940]not rated4:00
20. Django Reinhardt & the QHCF voc: Freddy Taylor - Nagasaki [1936]not rated2:50
21. Django Reinhardt (& the QHCF) - You're Driving Me Crazy [1937]not rated2:53
22. Django Reinhardt (with Rex Stewart & His Feetwarmers) - Finesse (Night Wind) [1939]not rated2:20
23. Django Reinhardt - Nuages [1940]not rated3:17
24. Django Reinhardt - Manoir de Mes Reves [1943]not rated3:18
25. Django Reinhardt - For Sentimental Reasons [1947]not rated2:57

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