Various artists
Shrine: The Rarest Soul Label

Various artists - Shrine: The Rarest Soul Label

  • Genre: Soul/Deep Soul
  • Format: MP3
  • Duration: 1:02:40
  • not rated
  • Added June 27, 2015


1. The Cairos, Keni St Lewis - Stop Overlooking Menot rated2:33
2. Eddie Daye And The 4 Bars, Carl Kidd/Harry Bass - Guess Who Loves Younot rated2:01
3. Les Chansonettes, Harry Bass - Don't Let Him Hurt Younot rated2:37
4. Little Bobby Parker, Eddie Singleton - I Won't Believe It Till I See Itnot rated2:46
5. The Cautions, Eddie Singleton - Watch Your Stepnot rated2:37
6. Epsilons, Keni St Lewis - I'm So Devotednot rated2:37
7. The Prophets, Carl Kidd - Huh Babynot rated2:33
8. Tippie & The Wisemen, Harry Bass/Stanley Ossman - Wait Till I Get Therenot rated2:46
9. J D Bryant, Eddie Singleton - I Won't Be Coming Backnot rated2:34
10. Epsilons, Eddie Singleton - Mind In A Bindnot rated2:39
11. The Cavaliers, Carl Kidd/Harry Bass/Keni St Lewis - Do What I Wantnot rated2:39
12. Bill Dennis, Harry Bass - I'll Never Let You Get Awaynot rated2:19
13. The Enjoyables, Carl Kidd - I'll Take You Backnot rated2:30
14. Ray Pollard, Eddie Singleton/Stanley Ossman - No More Like Menot rated2:46
15. TRACI, Eddie Singleton - Take It From Menot rated3:18
16. The D.C. Blossoms, Keni St Lewis - I Know About Hernot rated3:23
17. Shirley Edwards, Harry Bass/Keni St Lewis - Dream My Heartnot rated2:35
18. The Counts, Eddie Singleton/Harry Bass - My Only Lovenot rated2:48
19. The Cautions, Bruce Jones/Eddie Singleton/Felix Blanchard - Fall Guynot rated2:14
20. Jimmy Armstrong, Eddie Singleton/Jimmy Armstrong/stanley Ossman - Mysterynot rated1:48
21. Sidney Hall, Harry Bass/Stanley Ossman - The Weekendnot rated1:59
22. Leroy Taylor & The Four Kays, Eddie Singleton - I'll Understandnot rated2:54
23. Linda & The Vistas, Eddie Singleton - She Went Awaynot rated2:43
24. Tippie & The Wisemen, Eddie Singleton/Harry Bass/Stanley Ossman - Let Me Walk Awaynot rated3:01

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