James Brown
Live at the Garden (Expanded Edition)

James Brown - Live at the Garden (Expanded Edition)

  • Release date: 2009
  • Genre: Soul/Funk
  • Format: MP3
  • Duration: 2:15:22
  • not rated
  • Added June 27, 2015


1. Out of Sightnot rated1:14
2. Bring It Upnot rated4:01
3. Try Menot rated2:19
4. Let Yourself Gonot rated3:47
5. Hip Bag '7not rated5:41
6. Prisoner of Lovenot rated4:59
7. It May Be the Last Timenot rated4:50
8. I Got You (I Feel Good)not rated2:27
9. Ain't That a Groove - Part 1not rated6:03
10. Ain't That a Groove - Part 2not rated1:10
11. Please, Please, Pleasenot rated2:45
12. Bring It Up (Finale)not rated1:25
13. Live at the Latin Casinonot rated0:35
14. Introduction - Vonsheliahnot rated1:55
15. The Kingnot rated5:42
16. Wade in the Waternot rated3:07
17. Devil's Den/Get Loose/Jabonot rated5:45
18. Night Trainnot rated11:15
19. Live at the Latin Casino: Star Time!not rated1:18
20. Introduction/Out of Sightnot rated4:35
21. Bring It Upnot rated2:37
22. Try Menot rated3:02
23. Come Rain or Come Shinenot rated9:27
24. Papa's Got a Brand New Bagnot rated5:15
25. Prisoner of Lovenot rated4:44
26. Maybe the Last Timenot rated2:23
27. I Got You (I Feel Good)not rated3:09
28. James Brown Thank Younot rated7:17
29. It's a Man's Man's Man's Worldnot rated8:34
30. Ain' That a Groovenot rated2:46
31. Please, Please, Pleasenot rated1:39
32. Bring It Up (Finale)not rated4:11
33. Let Yourself Go (Instrumental Jam) (After Show)not rated1:24
34. Let Yourself Go (False Start) (After Show)not rated4:01

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