Marc Bolan, Tyrannosaurus Rex
A Beard Of Stars: Extras

Tyrannosaurus Rex - A Beard Of Stars: Extras

  • Release date: 1970
  • Genre: Rock/Folk-Rock
  • Format: MP3
  • Duration: 40:34
  • not rated
  • Added June 27, 2015


1. Ill Starred Man (Take 1)not rated2:12
2. Demon Queen (Take 1)not rated1:42
3. Once Upon The Seas Of Abyssinia (Take 3)not rated2:08
4. Blessed Wild Apple Girl (Take 2)not rated2:42
5. Find A Little Wood (Take 1)not rated2:21
6. A Day Laye (Take 1)not rated2:01
7. Fist Heart Mighty Dawn Dart (Take 2)not rated2:46
8. Organ Blues (Take 2)not rated3:41
9. Wind Cheetah (Take 4)not rated2:39
10. A Beard Of Stars (Take 1)not rated1:43
11. Great Horse (Take 1)not rated1:37
12. Dragon's Ear (Takes 1 & 2)not rated2:38
13. Dove (Take 5)not rated2:07
14. Elemental Child Pts I & 2 (Take 1)not rated6:11
15. By The Light Of The Magical Moon (Take 3)not rated2:52
16. Prelude (Take 1)not rated1:14

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