Sly & the Family Stone

Sly & the Family Stone - Higher!

  • Release date: 2013
  • Genre: Funk/Soul
  • Format: MP3
  • Duration: 4:41:54
  • not rated
  • Added June 27, 2015


1. I Just Learned How to Swim (By Sly Stewart)not rated2:31
2. Scat Swim (By Sly Stewart)not rated2:27
3. Buttermilk (Part One) (By Sly)not rated2:11
4. Dance All Night (By Sly & Freddie)not rated2:55
5. Temptation Walk (Part One) (By Sly)not rated2:25
6. I Ain't Got Nobody (For Real)not rated2:55
7. I Can't Turn You Loosenot rated3:28
8. Highernot rated2:54
9. Underdognot rated3:06
10. Bad Risknot rated3:05
11. Let Me Hear It from Younot rated3:30
12. Advicenot rated2:22
13. If This Room Could Talknot rated3:12
14. I Cannot Make Itnot rated3:16
15. Trip to Your Heartnot rated2:33
16. I Hate to Love Hernot rated3:32
17. Silent Communicationnot rated4:20
18. I Get High On You (Version One)not rated5:55
19. I Remembernot rated5:26
20. My Woman's Head (Instrumental)not rated2:46
21. What's That Got to Do with Menot rated3:08
22. Fortune and Famenot rated5:36
23. What Would I Donot rated4:05
24. Only One Way Out of This Messnot rated3:52
25. I Know What You Came to Saynot rated5:33
26. Dance to the Musicnot rated2:59
27. Ride the Rhythmnot rated2:47
28. Color Me Truenot rated3:09
29. Are You Readynot rated2:50
30. Don't Burn Babynot rated3:13
31. We Love Allnot rated4:32
32. Danse a la Musique (By the French Fries)not rated3:05
33. Small Fries (By the French Fries)not rated2:50
34. Chickennot rated2:13
35. Into My Own Thingnot rated2:14
36. Lifenot rated3:00
37. Love Citynot rated2:42
38. M'ladynot rated2:45
39. Dynamite (ft Johnny Robinson On Vocals)not rated2:46
40. Undercat (Instrumental)not rated3:49
41. Everyday Peoplenot rated2:21
42. Sing a Simple Songnot rated3:06
43. I Get High On You (Version Two)not rated4:13
44. Wonderful World of Color (Instrumental)not rated5:01
45. Pressurenot rated3:45
46. I Want to Take You Highernot rated3:02
47. Seven More Daysnot rated3:25
48. Feathers (Instrumental)not rated2:30
49. Somebody's Watching Younot rated3:20
50. Sex Machinenot rated13:47
51. Hot Fun in the Summertimenot rated2:39
52. Everybody Is a Starnot rated3:03
53. Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)not rated4:50
54. Stand (Live from the Isle of Wight Festival)not rated5:08
55. You Can Make It If You Try (Live from the Isle of Wight Festival)not rated6:02
56. Dance to the Music (Live from the Isle of Wight Festival)not rated5:01
57. Medley (Live from the Isle of Wight Festival)not rated6:16
58. Luv N' Haightnot rated4:03
59. Family Affairnot rated3:05
60. Brave & Strongnot rated3:34
61. Runnin' Awaynot rated2:43
62. (You Caught Me) Smilin'not rated2:54
63. Spaced Cowboynot rated3:58
64. You're the One (Live from Don Kirshner's Rock Concert)not rated6:27
65. In Timenot rated5:48
66. If You Want Me to Staynot rated3:01
67. Friskynot rated3:12
68. Skin I'm Innot rated2:55
69. If It Were Left Up to Menot rated1:59
70. Time for Livin'not rated3:17
71. Can't Strain My Brainnot rated4:08
72. Loose Bootynot rated3:47
73. Le Lo LI (By Sly Stone)not rated3:18
74. Crossword Puzzle (By Sly Stone)not rated2:56
75. Family Againnot rated2:49
76. Hoboken (By Sly Stone)not rated3:23
77. High (By Sly Stone)not rated5:11

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