George Formby
George Formby Collection

George Formby - George Formby Collection

  • Release date: 1940
  • Genre: Blues/Swing
  • Format: MP3
  • Duration: 1:37:56
  • not rated
  • Added June 27, 2015


1. Bless 'Em Allnot rated3:02
2. I Did What I Could With My Gas-Masknot rated2:37
3. Our Sergeant Majornot rated2:44
4. I Blew A Little Blast On My Whistlenot rated3:16
5. Chinese Laundry Bluesnot rated2:23
6. In My Little Snapshot Albumnot rated2:34
7. Swimmin' With The Wimmin'not rated3:06
8. The Old Kitchen Kettlenot rated3:13
9. The Lancashire Toreadornot rated3:04
10. On The Beatnot rated3:17
11. Goodnight Little Fellow Goodnightnot rated2:37
12. Oh, You Have No Ideanot rated3:14
13. Talking To The Moon About Younot rated3:04
14. Gradad's Flannelette Nightshirtnot rated3:06
15. Hitting The High Spots Nownot rated2:32
16. Delivering The Milknot rated2:51
17. Count Your Blessings And Smilenot rated2:44
18. With my little ukelele in my handnot rated3:01
19. Leaning On A Lampostnot rated3:00
20. I Always Get To Bed By Half-Past Ninenot rated3:08
21. Homeguard Bluesnot rated3:01
22. It's In The Airnot rated2:40
23. Riding In The T.T. Racesnot rated3:03
24. I'm The Ukulele Mannot rated3:07
25. It's Turned Out Nice Againnot rated2:52
26. On The Wigan Boat Expressnot rated3:00
27. With My Little Ukelele In My Handnot rated3:01
28. When I'm Cleaning Windowsnot rated2:53
29. Happy Go Lucky Menot rated2:17
30. Auntie Maggie's Remedynot rated2:48
31. Believe It Or Notnot rated1:22
32. Fanlight Fannynot rated2:59
33. I Told My Baby With The Ukulelenot rated3:11
34. Why Don't Women Like Menot rated3:09

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