Joni Mitchell (26 albums, 1 bookmark)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Joni MitchellArchives - Volume 1: The Early Years (1963-1967)5CD2020**** 1/25:52:42
Joni MitchellBlueLP1971*****36:12
Joni MitchellBlueCD2006*****36:13
Joni MitchellBoth Sides NowCD2000***51:34
Joni MitchellCloudsCD1/15/1988***37:41
Joni MitchellCourt And SparkLP1974*****37:03
Joni MitchellCourt And SparkCD1990*****36:58
Joni MitchellDon Juan's Reckless DaughterCD2005**59:52
Joni MitchellDon Juan's Reckless Daughter2LP1978**59:58
Joni MitchellFor The RosesCD1987**** 1/240:25
Joni MitchellHejiraCD1990*** 1/251:55
Joni MitchellHejiraLP1976*** 1/251:56
Joni MitchellHitsCD1996**** 1/21:00:42
Joni MitchellLadies Of The CanyonCD1999**** 1/244:59
Joni MitchellLove Has Many Faces: A Quartet, A Ballet, Waiting To Be Danced4CD2014****3:59:29
Joni MitchellMiles Of Aisles2LP1974***1:14:37
Joni MitchellMingusCD1990*** 1/237:23
Joni MitchellShadows And Light2CD2005***1:23:56
Joni MitchellShineCD9/25/2007****46:56
Joni MitchellSong To A SeagullCD1987***38:07
Joni MitchellThe Complete Geffen Recordings: Wild Things Run Fast/Dog Eat Dog/Chalk Mark In A Rain Storm/Night Ride Home4CD9/23/2003**** 1/23:11:52
Joni MitchellThe Hissing Of Summer LawnsLP1975**** 1/242:36
Joni MitchellThe Hissing Of Summer LawnsCD1987**** 1/242:37
Joni MitchellTravelogue2CD11/19/2002**** 1/22:07:08
Joni MitchellWild Things Run FastLP1982***36:42
Joni MitchellWoodstockCD2005**41:29