Eric Clapton (33 albums, 2 bookmarks)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Eric Clapton24 Nights2CD1991***1:45:20
Eric Clapton461 Ocean BoulevardLP7/1974**** 1/239:27
Eric ClaptonAnother TicketLP2/1981***38:43
Eric ClaptonBack HomeCD8/30/2005**1:00:15
Eric ClaptonBacklessLP11/1978*** 1/241:02
Eric ClaptonBehind The SunLP3/1985***49:25
Eric ClaptonBlues2CD1999****2:26:46
Eric ClaptonChronicles: 3 Classic Albums: 461 Ocean Boulevard/There's One In Every Crowd/E.C. Was Here3CD2005***2:06:38
Eric ClaptonClaptonCD2010**** 1/21:02:03
Eric ClaptonClapton Chronicles: The Best Of Eric ClaptonCD1999****1:07:36
Eric ClaptonE.C. Was HereLP8/1975***44:18
Eric ClaptonEric Clapton2CD2006****1:50:01
Eric ClaptonFrom The CradleCD1994**** 1/21:00:18
Eric ClaptonHappy XmasCD2018*** 1/256:36
Eric ClaptonI Still DoCD2016*** 1/254:16
Eric ClaptonJust One Night2CD1980**** 1/21:29:05
Eric ClaptonJust One Night2LP4/1980**** 1/21:28:59
Eric ClaptonLife In 12 Bars2CD2018****2:34:29
Eric ClaptonMe And Mr JohnsonCD2004*** 1/249:38
Eric ClaptonMoney And CigarettesLP2/1983***37:23
Eric ClaptonNo Reason To CryCD1986*** 1/246:28
Eric ClaptonNo Reason To CryLP8/1976*** 1/241:32
Eric ClaptonOld SockCD2013*** 1/253:47
Eric ClaptonOne More Car One More Rider2CD/DVD11/5/2002**1:55:50
Eric ClaptonReptileCD2001** 1/21:03:59
Eric ClaptonSessions For Robert JCD/DVD2004***43:13
Eric ClaptonSlowhandLP11/1977**** 1/239:15
Eric ClaptonSlowhandSACD2004**** 1/239:19
Eric ClaptonThe Best Of Eric ClaptonLP1970** 1/235:30
Eric ClaptonThe Cream Of ClaptonCD1994****1:12:52
Eric ClaptonThere's One In Every CrowdLP3/1975**35:20
Eric ClaptonTrilogy: Three Classic Albums: Money And Cigarettes/August/Journeyman3CD10/3/2005***2:30:34
Eric ClaptonUnpluggedCD1992**** 1/21:01:47