Emmylou Harris (41 albums, 1 bookmark)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Emmylou HarrisAll I Intended To BeCD6/10/2008****55:30
Emmylou HarrisAngel BandCD1987****37:11
Emmylou HarrisBlue Kentucky GirlLP1979*** 1/234:47
Emmylou HarrisBlue Kentucky Girl <Bonus Track Edition>CD2/24/2004*** 1/239:59
Emmylou HarrisBluebirdCD1/10/1989***39:16
Emmylou HarrisBrand New DanceCD1990** 1/237:54
Emmylou HarrisCimarronLP1981** 1/239:35
Emmylou HarrisCimarron <Bonus Track Edition>CD2000** 1/245:10
Emmylou HarrisCowgirl's PrayerCD1993****42:38
Emmylou HarrisElite HotelLP1975**** 1/243:31
Emmylou HarrisElite Hotel <Bonus Track Edition>CD2/24/2004**** 1/248:17
Emmylou HarrisEvangelineLP1981** 1/233:33
Emmylou HarrisGliding Bird <Bonus Track Edition>CD2017** 1/247:23
Emmylou HarrisHard Bargain <Deluxe Edition>CD/DVD4/25/2011****53:02
Emmylou HarrisLight Of The StableLP1979****30:46
Emmylou HarrisLight Of The StableCD1992****30:50
Emmylou HarrisLight Of The Stable <Bonus Track Edition>CD11/9/2004****42:03
Emmylou HarrisLuxury LinerLP1977**** 1/238:02
Emmylou HarrisLuxury Liner <Bonus Track Edition>CD2/24/2004**** 1/247:30
Emmylou HarrisOriginal Album Series Vol. 2: Roses In The Snow/Evangeline/Cimarron/White Shoes/Thirteen5CD2013**** 1/22:52:34
Emmylou HarrisPieces Of The SkyLP1975*****37:55
Emmylou HarrisPieces Of The Sky <Bonus Track Edition>CD2/24/2004*****43:17
Emmylou HarrisPortraits3CD10/8/1996**** 1/23:42:08
Emmylou HarrisProducer's CutDVDaudio2/25/2003***55:48
Emmylou HarrisQuarter Moon In A Ten Cent TownLP1978****36:13
Emmylou HarrisQuarter Moon In A Ten Cent Town <Bonus Track Edition>CD2/24/2004****42:55
Emmylou HarrisRed Dirt GirlCD9/12/2000****55:57
Emmylou HarrisRoses In The SnowLP1980**** 1/230:34
Emmylou HarrisRoses In The Snow <Bonus Track Edition>CD2002**** 1/238:11
Emmylou HarrisSongbird: Rare Tracks & Forgotten Gems4CD/DVD9/18/2007**** 1/24:53:06
Emmylou HarrisSpyboyCD8/11/1998****1:02:01
Emmylou HarrisStumble Into GraceCD9/23/2003****45:16
Emmylou HarrisThe Ballad Of Sally RoseCD1985***36:17
Emmylou HarrisThe Ballad Of Sally RoseLP1985***36:11
Emmylou HarrisThe Ballad Of Sally Rose <2CD Expanded Edition>2CD2018****1:05:06
Emmylou HarrisThe Very Best of Emmylou Harris: Heartaches & HighwaysCD7/19/2005**** 1/21:15:08
Emmylou HarrisThirteenLP1986**32:31
Emmylou HarrisWhite ShoesLP1983***34:47
Emmylou HarrisWhite ShoesCD1987***34:52
Emmylou HarrisWrecking BallCD1995**** 1/253:04
Emmylou HarrisWrecking Ball <Deluxe Edition>2CD/DVD2014**** 1/21:39:55