Diana Krall (14 albums, 1 bookmark)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Diana KrallAll For You (A Dedication To The Nat King Cole Trio)CD1996**** 1/259:16
Diana KrallGlad Rag Doll <Deluxe Edition>CD10/2/2012*** 1/21:08:31
Diana KrallLive In ParisCD2002****1:10:18
Diana KrallLove ScenesCD1997****58:01
Diana KrallOnly Trust Your HeartCD1995***46:55
Diana KrallQuiet NightsCD3/31/2009*** 1/255:02
Diana KrallThe Girl In The Other RoomCD4/27/2004**** 1/255:36
Diana KrallThe Look Of LoveCD9/18/2001***50:34
Diana KrallThe Very Best Of Diana KrallCD9/18/2007****1:15:33
Diana KrallThis Dream Of YouCD9/25/2020***50:48
Diana KrallTurn Up The QuietCD2017*** 1/248:21
Diana KrallWallflower <Deluxe Edition>CD2015*** 1/259:18
Diana KrallWallflower: The Complete SessionsCD2015****1:14:28
Diana KrallWhen I Look In Your Eyes <Bonus Track Edition>CD1998****54:34