Cat Stevens (12 albums, 2 bookmarks)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Cat StevensBuddha And The Chocolate BoxLP4/1974***31:51
Cat StevensBuddha And The Chocolate BoxCD2000***32:25
Cat StevensTeaser And The FirecatLP10/1971*****32:52
Cat StevensThe Laughing AppleCD2017****33:33
Cat StevensForeignerLP7/1973***36:06
Cat StevensForeignerCD2000***36:07
Cat StevensTea For The TillermanLP11/1970*****36:51
Cat Stevens (Yusuf)Tea For The Tillerman 2CD2020** 1/239:30
Cat StevensCatch Bull At FourLP10/1972*** 1/239:40
Cat StevensCatch Bull At FourCD2000*** 1/239:40
Cat StevensRemember - The Ultimate CollectionCD11/30/1999****1:14:52
Cat StevensChronicles: 3 Classic Albums: Mona Bone Jakon/Tea For The Tillerman/Teaser And The Firecat3CD9/27/2005**** 1/21:44:51