Various Artists / Emmylou Harris
Singin' With Emmylou: Vol. 2

Various Artists / Emmylou Harris - Singin' With Emmylou: Vol. 2

  • Release date: 4/8/2003
  • Genre: Progressive Country/Contemporary Country
  • Format: CD
  • Category: country
  • Duration: 1:09:59
  • ****
  • Added April 21, 2003
  • Played May 13, 2019
  • Rated April 29, 2007


1. Johnny Cash with Emmylou Harris, Roy Acuff - As Long As I Livenot rated3:00
2. Tom Astor with Emmylou Harris, Tom Aster - The Last Time (Geh Night Allein)not rated2:35
3. The Kendalls featuring Emmylou Harris, Hazel Houser - My Baby's Gonenot rated3:27
4. The Woodys featuring Emmylou Harris, Gretchen Peters - High Lonesomenot rated3:27
5. Lucinda Williams featuring Emmylou Harris, Lucinda Williams - Greenvillenot rated3:24
6. Billy Joe Shaver featuring Emmylou Harris, Rodney Crowell/Donivan Cowart - I'm Going Crazy In ¾ Timenot rated3:29
7. T Graham Brown featuring Emmylou Harris, Vip Vipperman/Bruce Burch/Brown - Sweet Believernot rated3:25
8. Mike Auldridge featuring Emmylou Harris, Allen Reynolds - Dreaming My Dreamsnot rated3:04
9. Mary Black with Emmylou Harris, Eleanor McEvoy - Only A Woman's Heartnot rated3:48
10. Matraca Berg featuring Emmylou Harris, Matraca Berg/Ronnie Samoset - Appalachian Rainnot rated3:40
11. Bobby Cryner featuring Emmylou Harris, Carl Jackson/Jim Weatherly - Too Many Years Too Latenot rated3:33
12. Emmylou Harris and Patti Griffin, Beth Nielsen Chapman/Gary Nicholson - Beyond The Bluenot rated4:34
13. Barry & Holly Tashian featuring Emmylou Harris, Barry Tashian/Holly Tashian - I'll Take My Time Going Homenot rated3:03
14. Jim & Jesse featuring Emmylou Harris, Carl Jackson - Flower In The Desertnot rated3:06
15. Bill Monroe with Emmylou Harris, Bill Monroe - Kentucky Waltznot rated3:10
16. Albert Lee featuring Emmylou Harris, Chas Hodges/Dave Peacock - Billy Tylernot rated4:39
17. Tammy Wynette featuring Emmylou Harris, Joe Chambers/Bucky Jones - Beneath A Painted Skynot rated2:57
18. Nicolette Larson featuring Emmylou Harris, Nicolette Larson/Josh Leo/Wendy Waldman - When You Get A Little Lonelynot rated3:31
19. Tanya Tucker featuring Emmylou Harris, Leo Sayer/Tom Snow - Stormy Weathernot rated3:37
20. Priscilla Coolidge-Jones featuring Emmylou Harris, Donna Weiss/Jackie DeShannon - Sweet Bed Of Feelingnot rated4:23

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