Various artists
NOW That's What I Call Disney Junior Music

Various artists - NOW That's What I Call Disney Junior Music

  • Release date: 2018
  • Genre: Children/Disney
  • Format: CD
  • Category: pop/rock
  • Duration: 31:32
  • *** 1/2
  • Added June 23, 2018
  • Played June 23, 2018
  • Rated June 23, 2018


1. Parry Gripp, Parry Gripp - DJ Shufflenot rated1:22
2. {Doc McStuffins}, {Stuffy}, {Lambie} & {Hallie}, Michelle Lewis/Kay Hanley - Time for Your Check Upnot rated0:31
3. Beau Black, Beau Black - Way Out <Miles from Tomorrowland Theme>not rated2:26
4. They Might Be Giants, John Flansburgh/John Linnell - Hot Dog!not rated2:26
5. {The Never Land Pirates Band}, Loren Hoskins/Kevin Hendrickson - Jake and the Never Land Pirates <Main Title>not rated0:57
6. Darren Stone & Adam Hedley-Smith, Darren Stone - Get Up and Dance <Sheriff Callie and Minnie Mouse Version>not rated1:31
7. {Mickey}, {Minnie}, {Goofy}, {Donald}, {Daisy Duck} ' {Pluto} & {Clarabelle}, Mark Seidenberg/Mike Himelstein - Choo Choo Boogie <Micky Mouse Clubhouse>not rated1:59
8. {Cast Of "Puppy Dog Pals"}, Andy Bean - Puppy Dog Pals Main Title Themenot rated0:56
9. {Minnie} and the {Picture Puzzle Girls}, Don Gillies/Mike Himelstein - Minnie's Bowtiquenot rated2:01
10. {Cast Of "Sofia The First"} featuring {Clover}, John Kavanaugh/Craig Gerber - Blue Ribbon Bunny <Sofia The First>not rated1:58
11. {Cast Of "Mickey And The Roadster Racers"}, Beau Black/Loren Hoskins - Happy Helpers Theme Song <Mickey And The Roadster Racers>not rated1:18
12. Beau Black, Beau Black/Sarah Mirza/Ford Riley - Here Comes The Lion Guard <The Lion Guard>not rated2:26
13. {Vamprina}, Christopher Dimond/Michael Kooman - Vampirina Theme <Vamprina>not rated0:53
14. Gaby Moreno, John Kavanaugh/Craig Gerber - Elana of Avalor <Main Title>not rated1:00
15. {Sheriff Callie}, Lisa Kettle/Mike Himelstein/Krista Tucker/Mike Turner - Amazing Lucky Scarf <Sheriff Callie's Wild West>not rated1:02
16. {Cast Of "Sofia The First"} featuring {Sofia}, John Kavanaugh/Craig Gerber - Sofia the First <Main Title>not rated0:51
17. {Cast Of "Elena Of Avalor"}, John Kavanaugh/Craig Gerber - My Time <Elena Of Avalor>not rated2:27
18. They Might Be Giants, John Kavanaugh/John Linnell - Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Themenot rated0:55
19. {Choo Choo Soul}, Greg Johnson - The Birthday Song <Choo Choo Soul>not rated2:28
20. {Bunga}, Beau Black/Sarah Mirza/Ford Riley - Zuka Zama <The Lion Guard>not rated1:57

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