John Barry (41 albums, 1 bookmark)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
John BarryAcross The Sea Of TimeCD1995not rated43:01
John BarryAlice In Wonderland / PetuliaCD1972not rated1:19:47
John BarryAmericansLP1976not rated35:46
John BarryBody HeatCD1981not rated32:29
John BarryBody HeatCD1981not rated38:34
John BarryDeadfallCD1968not rated40:23
John BarryDiamonds Are ForeverCD1971not rated1:16:30
John BarryFrom Russia With LoveCDR1963not rated37:06
John BarryGame Of DeathCDR1978not rated46:02
John BarryGoldfingerCD1964not rated41:14
John BarryHammettCD1982not rated43:39
John BarryHigh Road To ChinaCD1983not rated30:04
John BarryKing KongCD1976not rated42:31
John BarryMoonrakerCDR1979not rated31:10
John BarryMoviola ICD1992not rated1:00:07
John BarryMoviola II: Action & AdventureCD1995not rated1:03:38
John BarryOctopussyCD1983not rated37:20
John BarryOn Her Majesty's Secret ServiceCD1969not rated1:20:26
John BarryOut Of AfricaCD1985not rated39:37
John BarryPlaying By HeartCD1998not rated57:18
John BarryRobin and MarianCD1976not rated45:06
John BarrySomewhere In TimeCD1980not rated42:25
John BarrySomewhere In TimeCD1980not rated31:57
John BarrySophia Loren In RomeCD1964not rated34:41
John BarrySwept From The SeaCD1997not rated1:01:59
John BarryThe Best of the EMI yearsCD1999not rated1:02:15
John BarryThe Beyondness of ThingsCD1998not rated55:25
John BarryThe Black HoleLP1979not rated31:34
John BarryThe ChaseCD1966not rated51:07
John BarryThe Ipcress FileCD1965not rated38:27
John BarryThe Knack ... and how to get itCD1965not rated34:36
John BarryThe Last ValleyCD1970not rated56:51
John BarryThe Last ValleyCD1970not rated37:29
John BarryThe Lion In WinterCD1968not rated36:22
John BarryThe Living DaylightsCD1987not rated1:05:19
John BarryThe Man With The Golden GunCD1974not rated43:30
John BarryThe Tamarind SeedCDR1974not rated32:25
John BarryThe WhisperersCD1966not rated32:10
John BarryThemeologyCD1997not rated58:28
John BarryThunderballCDR1965not rated1:19:01
John BarryZuluCDR1964not rated21:06