Jerome Moross (12 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Jerome MorossFrankie and JohnnyCD10/29/1996not rated56:33
Jerome MorossFrankie and Johnny / Those Everlasting Blues / Willie the WeeperCD2000not rated1:03:35
Jerome MorossSymphony No.1; The Last Judgment; Variation on a WaltzCD12/27/1993not rated57:18
Jerome MorossThe Adventures Of Huckleberry FinnCD1960not rated59:58
Jerome MorossThe Big CountryCD1958not rated55:05
Jerome MorossThe Big CountryCD1958not rated1:12:37
Jerome MorossThe CardinalCD1963not rated40:34
Jerome MorossThe Cardinal: Classic Film MusicCD2001not rated1:24:38
Jerome MorossThe Golden AppleCD1954not rated50:50
Jerome MorossThe Proud RebelCD1958not rated56:22
Jerome MorossThe Valley Of Gwangi: Classic Film MusicCD1995not rated1:17:47
Jerome MorossThe War LordCD1965not rated30:43