Georges Delerue (29 albums, 1 bookmark)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Georges DelerueA Man For All SeasonsLP1966not rated56:58
Georges DelerueA Walk With Love And DeathCD1969not rated43:02
Georges DelerueA Walk With Love And DeathLP1969not rated42:59
Georges DelerueAnne Of The Thousand DaysLP1969not rated1:03:38
Georges DelerueBlack Stallion ReturnsCD1983not rated1:05:41
Georges DelerueCartoucheCD1962not rated49:49
Georges DelerueCent-Mille Dollars Au Soleil / Paul GauguinCD1988not rated49:55
Georges DelerueConcerto pour quatre guitares et orchestreCD1998not rated57:34
Georges DelerueJules et JimCD1952not rated52:02
Georges Delerue2CD1989not rated1:34:19
Georges DelerueCD2003not rated1:12:08
Georges DelerueCD2003not rated1:09:53
Georges DelerueCD2004not rated1:07:04
Georges DelerueCD1980not rated52:10
Georges DelerueCD1963not rated1:10:22
Georges DelerueLe Polar selon Georges DelerueCD2005not rated1:05:29
Georges DelerueLes Notes De L'EcranCD2006not rated58:36
Georges DelerueLes Tribulations d'un chinois en Chine / L'homme de RioCD1963not rated1:02:58
Georges DelerueOur Mother's HouseCD1967not rated58:49
Georges DeleruePolice Python 357 / L'important C'est D'aimerCD1976not rated1:09:06
Georges DelerueCD2006not rated1:01:58
Georges DelerueThe 25Th HourCD1967not rated58:49
Georges DelerueThe BorgiasCD1981not rated55:47
Georges DelerueThe HorsemenLP1971not rated31:02
Georges DelerueThe London Sessions, Vol. 1CD1990not rated52:31
Georges DelerueThe London Sessions, Vol. 2CD1990not rated52:39
Georges DelerueThe London Sessions, Vol. 3CD1991not rated58:35
Georges DelerueThibaud The CrusaderCD1968not rated50:03
Georges DelerueViva Maria! / King Of HeartsCD1965not rated1:02:12