Jerry Goldsmith
Hawkins On Murder/Winter Kill/Babe

Jerry Goldsmith - Hawkins On Murder/Winter Kill/Babe

  • Release date: 1973
  • Genre: Soundtrack
  • Format: CD
  • Category: Original Soundtrack
  • Duration: 1:17:24
  • not rated
  • Added September 20, 2008


1. The Bodies/Main Title/No Tourist Attraction/A Stranger In The House/The Beach/All That Can Be Donenot rated5:12
2. No Worries/It Won't Happen/A Couple Of Kicks/Sarabandenot rated7:02
3. A Strange Freedom/A Second Timenot rated3:31
4. Julia's Confession/End Titlenot rated1:09
5. Number Onenot rated2:05
6. Main Title/The Cigarnot rated3:58
7. The Village/Number Three/Late Visitnot rated3:23
8. Late Arrival/What's In A Name/I'm Worried/A New Killernot rated4:35
9. Shootoutnot rated2:09
10. Fatherless Childnot rated1:45
11. Themenot rated2:28
12. Babe/High Off The Hognot rated3:35
13. The Team/Where Is Itnot rated2:55
14. Sick Nunnot rated3:07
15. You Bet Ya/It's Late/I Donot rated3:25
16. Round Trip/Morning Editionnot rated2:13
17. On The Green/Can She?/WPGA/Outpatientnot rated2:02
18. No Changes/Sudden Painnot rated2:35
19. Always A Winnernot rated4:16
20. When You've Gone Away (Babe)not rated4:51
21. Missing Gun/Red Snow/Which One/Number Two (Winter Kill)not rated3:54
22. More Clues (Winter Kill)not rated1:27
23. Final Victim/Special Delivery (Winter Kill)not rated4:18
24. Main Title (Hawkins)not rated1:15

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