Carlo Martelli
Curse Of The Mummy's Tomb

Carlo Martelli - Curse Of The Mummy's Tomb

  • Release date: 1964
  • Genre: Hammer Films
  • Format: CD
  • Category: Original Soundtrack
  • Duration: 47:49
  • not rated
  • Added November 5, 2006


1. Opening Credits - Professor Dubois is Muderednot rated3:44
2. Annette's Horrornot rated0:56
3. Fate if the Nightwatchmannot rated1:12
4. John and Annettenot rated0:46
5. Menace on the Boatnot rated1:12
6. The Legend of Ra and Benot rated1:06
7. The Story Continues...(by Franz Reizenstein)not rated1:44
8. Alexander King Presentsnot rated0:51
9. Adam and Annettenot rated0:31
10. The Ancient Medallionnot rated1:48
11. Theft of the Medallionnot rated1:10
12. King Refuses Hashmi Bey's Offernot rated1:44
13. The Slide Shownot rated1:05
14. Flashback to the Tombnot rated2:32
15. "The Mummy of the Royal Prince Ra Antef..."not rated1:09
16. The Empty Sarcophagusnot rated0:20
17. "The Mummy brought back to life - wouldn't that be something?"not rated1:52
18. King's Terrornot rated0:25
19. John Searches Hashmi Bey's Roomnot rated0:24
20. The Mummy Kills Sir Gilesnot rated0:34
21. Suspicions - Adam and Annettenot rated3:51
22. Adam and Annette are Threatenednot rated2:11
23. The Trap - Ra's Revengenot rated3:08
24. Adam-Brother of Ranot rated2:00
25. "Awake Ra, prince of the desert..."not rated1:20
26. Ra Kills Adamnot rated1:13
27. Finale and End Creditsnot rated1:21
28. The Belly Dance (by Kenny Graham)not rated2:34
29. Music on the Boat Inot rated0:51
30. Music on the Boat IInot rated1:46
31. Music on the Boat IIInot rated2:17

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