Alfred Newman
The Greatest Story Ever Told

Alfred Newman - The Greatest Story Ever Told

  • Release date: 1965
  • Genre: Soundtrack
  • Format: CD box set
  • Category: Original Soundtrack
  • Duration: 2:14:30
  • not rated
  • Added September 4, 2005


1. Jesus of Nazarethnot rated3:32
2. A Prophecynot rated3:19
3. A Voice in the Wildernessnot rated4:59
4. Come Unto Menot rated2:08
5. The Great Journeynot rated2:21
6. A Time of Wondersnot rated2:08
7. There Shall Come a Time to Enternot rated4:03
8. A New Commandmentnot rated2:55
9. The Hour Has Comenot rated3:16
10. Into Thy Handsnot rated7:17
11. The Triumph of the Spirit (Handel's Messiah)not rated3:23
1. Overture - Main Titlenot rated4:37
2. And The World Was God/Trumpets Announce the Dawn/The Three Maginot rated3:10
3. The Nativity/The Infant Massacrenot rated5:58
4. Flight Into Egyptnot rated1:34
5. Ophel Quartersnot rated2:15
6. Hosannanot rated1:51
7. I Will Make You Fishers of Mennot rated1:42
8. Lillies of The Fieldnot rated2:25
9. Jerusalem, Jerusalem/Jesus on Lazarus' Porch/Matthew The Tax Collectornot rated7:56
10. Rise and You Shall Walknot rated5:19
11. Misty Night/Triumphant Return To Capernaumnot rated6:44
12. Who Do Men Say That I Am?not rated3:52
13. Jesus and His Mothernot rated3:02
14. Jesus Leaves Nazarethnot rated2:30
15. Prayer By The Jordannot rated2:27
16. Lazarus, Come Forthnot rated4:50
1. Entre'actnot rated2:41
2. Judas And Calaphas/Judas Leaves Calaphasnot rated2:30
3. Garden of Gethsemane/Aram, The First Witnessnot rated7:35
4. I Am The Son of God/Jesus Before Pilate/Crown of Thornsnot rated3:45
5. Via Dolorosanot rated11:13
6. Ressurection And Ascensionnot rated4:24
7. Exit Musicnot rated2:36

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