Duke Ellington
Anatomy Of A Murder

Duke Ellington - Anatomy Of A Murder

  • Release date: 1959
  • Genre: Soundtrack
  • Format: CD
  • Category: Original Soundtrack
  • Duration: 1:16:08
  • not rated
  • Added September 4, 2005


1. Main Title And Anatomy Of A Murdernot rated3:58
2. Flirtibirdnot rated2:14
3. Way Early Subtonenot rated3:59
4. Hero To Zeronot rated2:11
5. Low Key Lightlynot rated3:39
6. Happy Anatomy (Band-Movie)not rated2:35
7. Midnight Indigonot rated2:46
8. Almost Cried (Studio)not rated2:26
9. Sunswept Sundaynot rated1:53
10. Grace Valsenot rated2:30
11. Happy Anatomy (P. I. Five)not rated1:28
12. Haupenot rated2:37
13. Upper And Outestnot rated2:23
14. Anatomy Of A Murder (Stereo Single)not rated2:44
15. Merrily Rolling Along (Aka Hero To Zero), Sunswept Sunday (Movie Stings & Rehearsal)not rated3:49
16. Beer Gardennot rated1:53
17. Happy Anatomy (Band-Studio)not rated2:43
18. Polly (Aka Grace Valse, Haupe, Low Key Lightly, Midnight Indigo)not rated3:35
19. Polly (Movie Stings)not rated3:53
20. Happy Anatomy (Dixieland)not rated2:15
21. More Blues (P. I. Five)not rated2:15
22. Almost Cried (Aka Flirtibird) (Movie)not rated2:13
23. Sound Track Music: Anatomy Of A Murder (Duke Ellington A La Guy Lombardo)not rated2:29
24. Anatomy Of A Murder (Mono Single: In Stereo)not rated2:36
25. The Grand Finale (Rehearsal/Lines/Interview/Music/Stings/Murder)not rated10:47
26. Pausenot rated0:06

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