Max Steiner
The Fountainhead

Max Steiner - The Fountainhead

  • Release date: 1949
  • Genre: Soundtrack
  • Format: CD
  • Category: Original Soundtrack
  • not rated
  • Added May 12, 2005


1. Main Title/Montage/Roark's Early Lifenot rated0:00
2. Cameron's Heart Attack/The Ambulancenot rated0:00
3. Awaiting The Board's Decisionnot rated0:00
4. Ellsworth Tooheynot rated0:00
5. Wynand And Toohey/Down The Airshaftnot rated0:00
6. Dominique's Fear Of The Worldnot rated0:00
7. "A Woman Incapable Of Feeling"/The Sound Of Blastingnot rated0:00
8. The Quarrynot rated0:00
9. Dominique Fantasizes About Roarknot rated0:00
10. Dominique Smashes The Marblenot rated0:00
11. The Wrong Mannot rated0:00
12. Dominique's Wild Ride/The Rape/Enright's Letter/Roark Is Gonenot rated0:00
13. What Is Toohey After?/Montage: Toohey's Crusade/Construction Of The Enright Housenot rated0:00
14. Piano For Secondhandersnot rated0:00
15. Dominique's Theme For Piano/In Roark's Apartmentnot rated0:00
16. Dominique Agrees To Marry Wynandnot rated0:00
17. Blackballed/Montage: Roark Defeated/"But I Don't Think Of You"/Montage: Roark Ascendant/Roark Interviewednot rated0:00
18. Summoned By Wynandnot rated0:00
19. Dominique Assails Wynandnot rated0:00
20. Dominique Tempts Roark/Dominique And Roark Reunitednot rated0:00
21. Roark Agrees To Design Cortlandtnot rated0:00
22. Dominique's Jealousynot rated0:00
23. Keating Is Overrulednot rated0:00
24. Cortlandt Homes/Roark Plots With Dominiquenot rated0:00
25. Roark Dynamites Cortlandt/Toohey's Rally/Wynand's Soliloquynot rated0:00
26. Wynand Crusades For Roark/Hospital Visit/Keating's Confession [Deleted]not rated0:00
27. Wynand Surrendersnot rated0:00
28. The Jury Deliberates/The Call From Wynandnot rated0:00
29. Finale: The Wynand Buildingnot rated0:00

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