John Williams
An American Journey

John Williams - An American Journey

  • Release date: 2002
  • Genre: Orchestral
  • Format: CD
  • Category: Classical
  • Duration: 1:00:53
  • not rated
  • Added September 17, 2006


1. Call of the Champions (The Official Theme of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games)not rated5:00
2. An American Journey I. Immigration and Buildingnot rated5:38
3. An American Journey II. The Country At Warnot rated3:22
4. An American Journey III. Popular Entertainmentnot rated2:29
5. An American Journey IV. Arts and Sportsnot rated2:37
6. An American Journey V. Civil Rights and the Women's Movementnot rated3:26
7. An American Journey VI. Flight and Technologynot rated7:09
8. Song for World Peacenot rated4:41
9. Jubilee 350not rated3:44
10. The Mission Theme (Theme for NBC News)not rated3:30
11. For New York (Variations on Themes of Leanard Bernstein)not rated3:02
12. Sound the Bells!not rated2:50
13. Hymn to New Englandnot rated3:11
14. Celebrate Discoverynot rated3:50
15. Summon the Heroesnot rated6:16

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