Masaru Satoh
High And Low

Masaru Satoh - High And Low

  • Release date: 1963
  • Genre: Soundtrack
  • Format: CD
  • Category: Original Soundtrack
  • Duration: 1:09:55
  • not rated
  • Added September 4, 2005


1. Titlesnot rated2:19
2. Shinishi's Protection (Shinishi Aoki Is The Kidnapped Boy)not rated0:38
3. 'The Trout' (From Franz Schubert's 'Quintet In A Major') Radio Musicnot rated2:08
4. Tokura's Determination (The Inspector Played By Tatsuya Nakadai)not rated0:20
5. Chinatownnot rated0:57
6. The Search Continuesnot rated1:44
7. Aoki's Tail (As In Follower; Aoki Is The Chaffeur)not rated2:29
8. Newspaper Articlenot rated0:18
9. Peony Colored Smokenot rated0:15
10. The True Criminalnot rated0:17
11. Search Marchnot rated1:13
12. Music Of The Crowds 1not rated1:03
13. Music Of The Crowds 2not rated1:22
14. The Magic Begins ('the H-Man' PS-2)not rated2:10
15. Bar Music 1not rated2:43
16. Bar Music 2not rated2:22
17. Torment Of The Junkiesnot rated3:15
18. Cruel Experimentnot rated0:23
19. 'o Sole Mio' Italian Folk Song Radio Musicnot rated3:11
20. Endingnot rated0:34
21. Titlesnot rated2:18
22. Shinishi's Protectionnot rated0:37
23. Tokura's Determinationnot rated0:20
24. Aoki's Tail 1not rated1:45
25. Aoki's Tail 2not rated0:10
26. Newspaper Articlenot rated0:12
27. Rose SMokenot rated0:15
28. Suspectnot rated0:18
29. Music Of The Crowds 1not rated0:47
30. Bar Music 1not rated2:43
31. Bar Music 2not rated2:15
32. Torment Of The Junkiesnot rated2:00
33. 'o Sole Mio' Radio Musicnot rated1:58
34. Endingnot rated0:34
35. Bar Music 2 With Cheersnot rated2:22
36. Bar Music 2, Cheers Onlynot rated2:21
37. Torment Of The Junkies, Orchestralnot rated3:23
38. Torment Of The Junkies, Sighsnot rated0:43
39. Titlesnot rated2:03
40. Shinichi's Protectionnot rated0:36
41. Shinishi's Protection Alternative Pattern For Stringsnot rated0:38
42. Shinishi's Protection Alternative Patternnot rated0:38
43. 'Swan Lake' (By Peter Tchaikovsky) Radio Musicnot rated1:17
44. 'Swan Lake' Radio Music Alternative Patternnot rated1:19
45. 'Swan Lake' Radio Music Alternative Patternnot rated1:18
46. 'Swan Lake' Radio Musicnot rated1:13
47. Search March Alternative Patternnot rated1:12
48. Search Marchnot rated1:12
49. Bar Music 1 Rehearsalnot rated2:55
50. Endingnot rated0:31

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