Sam Spence
Our Man In Munich

Sam Spence - Our Man In Munich

  • Release date: 2007
  • Genre: Soundtrack
  • Format: CD
  • Category: Lounge
  • Duration: 56:44
  • not rated
  • Added September 18, 2008


1. Bitte Recht Freundlich, Es Wird Geschossen (Title)not rated1:42
2. Do The Samtusi (Bitte Recht Freundlich, Es Wird Geschossen)not rated3:22
3. Meeting In Rio (Nfl Films)not rated2:44
4. Let's Go The Big O (Nfl Films)not rated2:31
5. Magnificent Eleven (Nfl Films)not rated3:33
6. Milktrain To Paydirt (Nfl Films)not rated2:17
7. Brass Impact (Bitte Recht Freundlich, Es Wird Geschossen)not rated3:03
8. Sideline To Sideline (Nfl Films)not rated2:46
9. Queen Of Diamonds (End Title)not rated1:23
10. Honcho (Nfl Films)not rated1:49
11. The Game That Got Away (Nfl Films)not rated2:52
12. Pink Blitz (Wie Ein Blitz)not rated3:19
13. Wie Ein Blitz (Title)not rated2:24
14. Santa Anna Wind (Nfl Films)not rated1:55
15. Water Bug (Nfl Films)not rated2:17
16. Tensar (Nfl Films)not rated4:14
17. Water Worldnot rated3:08
18. Carnapping (Title)not rated3:08
19. Unidata Siemens (Commercial)not rated1:10
20. Porsche Power (Carnapping)not rated3:11
21. Critical Mass (Nfl Films)not rated1:49
22. Queen Of Diamonds (Title)not rated1:56

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