Complete list of jcastellano's songs

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Artist Title Album Duration Rating Format Released
UtopiaThe MartyrOops! Wrong Planet3:48not ratedCD1977
UtopiaTrappedOops! Wrong Planet3:06not ratedCD1977
UtopiaWindowsOops! Wrong Planet4:17not ratedCD1977
UV PopAmsterdam (Digitial Only)No Songs Tomorrow3:23not ratedLP2012
UV PopArcade FunNo Songs Tomorrow3:15not ratedLP2012
UV PopCommitmentNo Songs Tomorrow5:35not ratedLP2012
UV PopFour Minute WarningNo Songs Tomorrow5:21not ratedLP2012
UV PopHafunkiddiesNo Songs Tomorrow3:34not ratedLP2012
UV PopHafunkiddies - Original Version (Digital Only)No Songs Tomorrow2:48not ratedLP2012
UV PopI.C.No Songs Tomorrow3:42not ratedLP2012
UV PopNo Songs TomorrowNo Songs Tomorrow3:34not ratedLP2012
UV PopPortrait (Extended)No Songs Tomorrow6:34not ratedLP2012
UV PopPsalmNo Songs Tomorrow4:23not ratedLP2012
UV PopSee YouNo Songs Tomorrow4:17not ratedLP2012
UV PopSleep Don't TalkNo Songs Tomorrow3:14not ratedLP2012
UV PopSome Win ThisNo Songs Tomorrow3:05not ratedLP2012
UV PopSuperstition (Digital Only)No Songs Tomorrow4:42not ratedLP2012
V2I Feel AlrightGod Save This Box3:32not ratedCD2005
Vacant StaresHostilityGet Resurrected Vol. 7 - Winter 2019 Sampler3:16not ratedFLAC2019
VagrantsBertheCan Of Pork5:00not ratedCD1992
Val Merrall's OrchestraThe HorseStrange Breaks & Mr Thing IInot ratedLP5/25/2016
Val StephenAbstractumAbstractum: The Electrogenic Music of Val Stephennot ratedLP2015
Val StephenEchovessenceAbstractum: The Electrogenic Music of Val Stephennot ratedLP2015
Val StephenMusic For An Imaginary TV BalletAbstractum: The Electrogenic Music of Val Stephennot ratedLP2015
Val StephenRhythm AlternateAbstractum: The Electrogenic Music of Val Stephennot ratedLP2015

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