Complete list of jcastellano's songs

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Artist Title Album Duration Rating Format Released
Quintus McCormick Blues BandYou Got ItHey Jodie!3:58not ratedCD2009
Quintus McCormick Blues BandYou Got To Do Me Better Than ThatHey Jodie!4:33not ratedCD2009
Quintus McCormick Blues BandYou Should Learn From ThisHey Jodie!3:05not ratedCD2009
Quite Boys feat. GallianoLet The Good Times RollThe Story of Acid Jazz6:12not ratedCD2002
R. Dean TaylorGotta See JaneJoe Strummer - Influences3:06not ratedWAV2022
R. Stevie MooreI'm Only SleepingLateNightTales3:05not ratedLP9/15/2014
R.B. GreavesTake A Letter MariaSoul Hits Of The '70s - Didn't It Blow Your Mind, Vol. 12:47not ratedCD1991
R.B. GreavesTake a Letter, MariaAtlantic Rhythm And Blues 1947 - 1974 Volume 6 1966 - 19692:44not rated12" vinyl1985
R.B. HudmonHow Can I Be A WitnessThe Complete Stax/Volt Soul Singles, Vol. 3: 1972-19753:04not ratedCD
R.D. KingAcross The UniverseWXRT - Breakfast With The Beatles - 2022.09.114:48not ratedWAV9/11/2022
R.E.MDark Globe (non-album Syd Barrett cover)Complete Rarities - Warner Bros. 1988-20111:52not ratedM4A2014
R.E.M.(All I Have To Do Is) DreamComplete Rarities - I.R.S. 1982-19872:38not ratedM4A2014
R.E.M.(Don't Go Back To) RockvilleR.E.M. At The BBC4:29not ratedCD10/19/2018
R.E.M.(Don't Go Back To) RockvilleReckoning4:33not ratedCD1984
R.E.M.(Don't Go Back To) RockvilleReckoning - Deluxe Edition4:30not ratedCD6/23/2009
R.E.M.(Don't Go Back To) RockvilleReckoning - Deluxe Edition4:33not ratedCD6/23/2009
R.E.M.(Don't Go Back To) Rockville (live in Oslo NRK P1 National Radio)Complete Rarities - Warner Bros. 1988-20114:35not ratedM4A2014
R.E.M.1,000,000Dead Letter Office3:04not ratedCD1987
R.E.M.1,000,000Musicophilia - Joy! Vol. 2 Post-Punk 19823:02not ratedWAV4/1/2020
R.E.M.1,000,000 (Live)Complete Rarities - I.R.S. 1982-19873:26not ratedM4A2014
R.E.M.10K Minimal (Demo)Automatic For The People - 25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition3:33not ratedCD11/10/2017
R.E.M.165 HillcrestComplete Rarities - Warner Bros. 1988-20111:34not ratedM4A2014
R.E.M.2JNComplete Rarities - Warner Bros. 1988-20113:26not ratedM4A2014
R.E.M.2JN (Non-Album Track)Imitation Of Life3:25not ratedCD2001
R.E.M.40 Sec. (40 Second Song Demo)Out Of Time 25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition1:22not ratedCD11/18/2016

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