Robyn Hitchcock (40 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Robyn Hitchcock2004.08.08 - The White Album Against The War - Three Kings, Clerkenwell, LondonCD2004not rated1:54:30
Robyn Hitchcock2009.04.03 - Antone's, Austin,TXWAV2009not rated1:59:32
Robyn Hitchcock2014.05.30 - Celebrating Bob Dylan's 73rd Birthday, Flying Saucer Club, Melbourne, AUMP32014not rated1:40:27
Robyn Hitchcock2014.10.04 - SJE Arts Concert Hall, Oxford, UKFLAC2014not rated1:16:06
Robyn Hitchcock2015.03.04 - Yarra Hotel, Abbotsford (Melbourne), AustraliaWAV2015not rated1:28:26
Robyn Hitchcock2015.09.13 - The Drake Underground, Toronto, ON - with The SadiesFLAC2015not rated1:13:43
Robyn Hitchcock2021.11.10 - Live from Tubby's HouseWAV11/10/2021not rated1:21:22
Robyn Hitchcock2021.11.17 - Live from Tubby's HouseWAV11/17/2021not rated1:27:40
Robyn Hitchcock2021.11.24 - Live from Tubby's HouseWAV11/24/2021not rated1:21:37
Robyn Hitchcock2021.12.01 - Live From Tubby's HouseWAV12/1/2021not rated1:37:31
Robyn Hitchcock2021.12.08 - Live From Tubby's HouseWAV12/8/2021not rated1:11:19
Robyn Hitchcock2021.12.15 - Live From Tubby's HouseWAV12/15/2021not rated1:38:51
Robyn Hitchcock2021.12.22 - Live From Tubby's HouseWAV12/22/2021not rated1:22:30
Robyn Hitchcock2021.12.29 - Live From Tubby's HouseWAV12/29/2021not rated1:26:38
Robyn Hitchcock2022.01.05 - Live From Tubby's HouseWAV1/5/2022not rated1:14:04
Robyn Hitchcock2022.01.12 - Live From Tubby's HouseWAV1/12/2022not rated1:28:07
Robyn Hitchcock2022.01.19 - Live From Tubby's HouseWAV1/19/2022not rated1:22:03
Robyn Hitchcock2022.01.26 - Live From Tubby's HouseWAV1/26/2022not rated1:27:11
Robyn Hitchcock2022.02.02 - Live From Tubby's HouseWAV2/2/2022not rated1:25:35
Robyn Hitchcock2022.02.09 - Live From Tubby's HouseWAV2/9/2022not rated1:19:54
Robyn Hitchcock2022.02.16 - Live From Tubby's HouseWAV2/16/2022not rated1:27:37
Robyn Hitchcock2022.02.23 - Live From Tubby's HouseWAV2/23/2022not rated1:39:48
Robyn Hitchcock2022.03.02 - Live From Tubby's HouseWAV3/2/2022not rated1:38:26
Robyn Hitchcock2022.03.16 - Live From Tubby's HouseWAV3/16/2022not rated1:37:42
Robyn Hitchcock2022.03.23 - Live From Tubby's HouseWAV3/23/2022not rated1:30:07
Robyn Hitchcock2022.03.30 - Live From Tubby's HouseWAV3/30/2022not rated1:28:22
Robyn Hitchcock2022.04.06 - Live From Tubby's HouseWAV4/6/2022not rated1:28:47
Robyn Hitchcock2022.04.17 - Live From Tubby's HouseWAV4/17/2022not rated1:38:51
Robyn HitchcockBlack Snake Diamond RoleLP1981not rated29:02
Robyn HitchcockBlack Snake Diamond RöleLP1981not rated35:26
Robyn HitchcockEyeCD3/12/1990not rated1:04:30
Robyn HitchcockGroovy DecoyLP1985not rated40:25
Robyn HitchcockI Often Dream Of Trains In New YorkDVD11/10/2009not rated
Robyn HitchcockJewels For SophiaCD1999not rated54:12
Robyn HitchcockJust Like A WomanWAV2021not rated4:14
Robyn HitchcockLive At Yep Roc 15: Robyn HitchcockFLAC6/5/2020not rated26:44
Robyn HitchcockLive From LondonWAV4/2021not rated6:34
Robyn HitchcockMossy LiquorLP1996not rated42:38
Robyn HitchcockSpookedLP2004not rated
Robyn HitchcockStorefront Hitchcock - Music From The Jonathan Demme PictureCD1998not rated53:01